First Day of Kindergarten

Maria is officially a Kindergartener!

She got on the bus today and rode off to school. Chad and I both took her to the bust stop, which is by our daycare provider.  And once she was on, we were left wondering all day what she was doing!  When she got off the bus this afternoon, she was excited to see me and Charlie waiting for her.

She said the teachers were waiting for the Kindergarteners (they started 2 days after the rest of the school) and had them all line up. Maria made some new friends and some others that she knew that are in other classes.  She had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, because she thought the tacos would be too “hot”.  She had gym class and music class. Tomorrow they have science class.

She was tired. I could tell that.  Tonight tucking her in, she expressed some disappointment that they spent a lot of time “learning” and not much time “playing”.  She is hoping that next week when her teacher is back (she is out sick and they have a substitute), there will be more playing.  In order to keep her calm for bed, I just answered “maybe…”.  I think she is looking forward to Day #2, but I’m not convinced this transition will be super easy for my little over-thinker.  (She may get that from me!) But all in all, a good first day for all of us!


Maria & Daddy
With Daddy

Maria & Mommy
With Mommy

Here Comes the Bus!
Here Comes the Bus!

Getting on the Bus
And she’s off to Kindergarten!

More Pictures

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