September Weekend #3

Last weekend Maria had her friend Lilah sleepover. Both girls were very excited. It was the first time Maria had someone sleepover at our house. And it was the first time Lilah slept at a friend’s house.

I think they both had a lot of fun. And Charlie did too. Unfortunately they did not sleep much! Lilah missed her mommy and they had trouble settling down since they were sleeping together on the air mattress.  They finally fell asleep around 10:30.  Only 3 hours past their bedtime.  And then were up around 6:45.  Needless to say, Sunday School was not fun for Lilah. She was ready to get home.  And both Maria and Charlie needed naps as well.

We might wait awhile to try this again, but I bet if you asked any of them they would still say they had a lot of fun! Especially Charlie who asked where Lilah went on Thursday, even though he was with when we drove her home! 🙂

Maria and Lilah's Sleepover

Pillow Fight

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