Winter Weekend

Wow – It has been a long time since we’ve seen this much snow…  Saturday we woke up to a decent covering, but the sun was shining and it didn’t stick around much.  We went out for a little bit.  Charlie knew exactly what to do.  Throw the snow.  Aim for Maria.


Sunday we woke up to snow and it just kept snowing. ALL DAY LONG.  We went out a little in the morning to clear off the driveway. Thinking about this, we barely had any snow last year. And the year before Charlie wasn’t even 1. So you can imagine how excited he was on Sunday being out helping Daddy dig!

The other excitement for the day was a cat had found his way into our garage and refused to leave last night. Once we had it cornered,we realized this was not a stray cat. He was a lost cat. And he did not want to go back out in the snow. So I called 911 to have someone come and get this poor cat out of our garage, because we thought he was stuck and possibly injured as some firewood had shifted on the shelf he was under. While we waited we lured him out from under a shelf with some milk and chicken. Eventually the police came and we got the cat in a box and he took him to a shelter. And we re-assembled our garage as we had pulled everything out as the cat found new hiding places.

All in all a good weekend… topped off sitting warmly at home while the Packers beat the Lions at a snowy Lambeau Field.

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