Maria is loving school. And I know that Kindergarten is sooo very different than when I attended Kindergarten 30+ years ago, but wow, some of the stuff she tells me is very interesting. This week she has learned what I would refer to as “soft” skills.

Earlier this week when I asked her what she learned at school, she responded “I learned that we are all special in different ways.  Like I’m really good at speaking English!”

Last night I met some friends after work, so came home after the kids had dinner, I snuck up on her and tickled her when I got home.  And a few minutes later when I asked her what she learned about she said “we learned that my feelings can change every second.  Just like when you came home and tickled me, I was surprised, but then I was happy because you were home” 

How about that for melting a Mom’s heart??

Weaving Project!

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