April Results & May Plans

So I feel like April zoomed right by.  But I enjoyed it, even if I didn’t get all my plans accomplished… I blame it on the snow! Here’s how I did:

  1. Read 2 books.  One. Two.
  2. Exercise at least once – hopefully running outside! Come on spring!  Ran Twice. Yoga Twice.
  3. Date Night.
  4. Girls Night Out.  Twice!
  5. Help Maria choose a birthday theme.Sofia the First!
  6. Charlie’s 3 Year book.
  7. See if I can get my fingers to stop swelling…  No but I did get to the doctor and am on some new medication.
  8. Sell or donate off the pile of clothes/toys I have in my guest room and basement right now. – Not quite, but scheduled for pickup this Thursday.

So May …

  1. Maria’s Birthday Party
  2. Watch Silver Linings Playbook.
  3. Follow up with Doctor re: fingers
  4. Donate clothes
  5. Charlie’s 3 year book
  6. Run some more…  5K on June 1!
  7. Books Read = 2
  8. Plant Flowers

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