May / June

Well I’m glad I didn’t put as a May goal to blog more! because that did not happen!

Here’s what happened in May:

  1. Maria’s Birthday Party – Success!
  2. Watch Silver Linings Playbook. Excellent!
  3. Follow up with Doctor re: fingers – Wasn’t able to get an appt until July 1st, but switched to brand name for my prescription and that worked! Wearing my ring again!
  4. Donate clothes
  5. Charlie’s 3 year book
  6. Run some more…  5K on June 1!  Technically I did run more, but not enough to be prepared for the 5K last weekend…  It all worked out anyways, because Charlie threw up 4 times the night before.
  7. Books Read = 2 – Yes. One. Two.
  8. Plant Flowers

Other things I did?

  • Got braces – yes hopefully for just a year, to correct some shifting teeth.  My teeth weren’t bad, I just don’t know if I could have handled them shifting more.  So if you see me not smiling in pictures, that is why.
  • Finished up my year as a Daisy Scout leader. I’ve stepped down for next year.
  • Bought a juicer and started Juicing. It is fun coming up with different variations as a means to get the good stuff into my body quickly.

Plans for June:

  • Charlies 3 year book.
  • Maria’s 6 year book.
  • Exercise.
  • Clean up landscaping.

Honestly – that doesn’t seem like much but I will actually be stretching myself knowing all of what else is on the schedule (barbecues, family reunion, Chad’s class reunion, Maria’s sleepover with her BFF, swimming lessons) And that also assumes no curve balls,like the stomach bug that 3 of us have experienced in the last 10 days…

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