My 21 Day Food Challenge

21 days to form a new habit, right?  –  Here’s my plan:

For the next 21 days, (starting today!)  I plan to avoid the following foods or derivatives of:  gluten, dairy (except ghee), eggs, soy, NutraSweet and artificial sweeteners, and (wait for it)… processed CORN!

Processed corn has been the tough one, but lately a big bowl of popcorn results in a stomach ache the next day.  This means corn syrup (which I’m pretty good about), corn chips (need an alternative for guacamole!), anything with corn oil (potato chips L ), and popcorn.  I’m still might allow myself whole kernel corn, but definitely not often.

Actually I’m pretty good about the gluten and dairy, and eggs.  Because I KNOW those aren’t good for me.  The corn didn’t show up in my food tests, but who am I kidding, my doctor, my nutritionist and both my acupuncturists have told me to try taking it out… I need to do this.  After all my nutritionist was right about Soy.  I stopped drinking soy milk and my nose stopped running!

Things I’m going to eat minimally (like 1-2x/week), potatoes (white, not sweet), corn, and rice.  Also coffee – I know I should give it up, but I’ve found it easier to give up diet soda than coffee, so I’m going to go with that.  My coffee will be limited to what I make at home with giving up dairy & soy.

I’ve maintained this for about a week previously, and it felt good, but then I always stumble – usually I’m not prepared with a snack or a quick meal.  Like those swimming lesson nights where I come home and give my kids a snack before heading out to lessons… so they get cheese and popcorn  or maybe yogurt and crackers… and I end up eating a bunch of popcorn or potato chips (cooked in corn oil) and then it spirals from there…  like those chocolate dipped sugar Valentine cookies… or the junior mints we keep in the house to bribe Charlie to do his business on the potty.  (yes my 3 year old loves mint!)  So I need to plan for that.

So here it is.   I think I can do this.  What I’m hoping to gain:

  • reduce swelling in my hands (I hope to wear my wedding ring again)
  • reduce the color/size of my rash on my legs before skirt/short/swimsuit weather
  • increase my energy (it’s almost running season)
  • hopefully heal my stomach a little more

Wish me luck.

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