I’m moving on.  Twice…

First after 9 years I am leaving our beautiful family home and moving to a new one in just 3 (very short) weeks!.  Closer to my job, with the bonus of being in a great location complete with a top rated school district.  so YAY for me and YAY for my family!

Second, with the little respect I’ve given my blogging side lately, I’m passing on this domain to another Jane who will be completely awesome and successful in this space!  And on this day where kids are bringing home report cards, I give my blogging course a big fat “F”.    Once I’m settled into my new home, I’m going to work on reviving my stuff here.   Hopefully get more exciting than just some book reviews for y’all!   Meanwhile, keep track of me at my new domain  I know, I’m not moving far… but still different.  So update your reader and I’ll fill you in when I get back on track.  I have some clean up yet to do, so I’ll be here for a little while longer.

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