The Moving Process

It was a LONG process… so I’m going to break it down for you.

  • February: cleaning out and organizing.
  • March: repairing damage from ice dams in February, painting, carpet cleaning, storage locker
  • April: our house hit the MLS.  We had some showings… then it slowed down.  We removed wallpaper and painted some more.
  • May: fired our realtor.  2 days later he brought us an offer, so we didn’t effectively get rid of him.  But honestly, he sold it in just over a month and got us well over what other realtors said we would get. I think that is more to the house and how we prepared – vs. his marketing skills.  We hired another realtor to help us find a new house.
  • June: packing and moving.  Moved out one day.  Closed on both houses the next morning. Then moved in that afternoon. It was stressful. But we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when our new neighbor came over literally 5 minutes after the moving truck pulled up.
  • July: unpacking and starting maintenance on a house that needs some work, but we were meeting the best neighbors!


Those 6 months were pretty draining… to say the least.  and unfortunately the money pit house maintenance continues… But honestly, we still love where we’re at, and we’re accepting this will be slower than planned.  We still have boxes and rooms without furniture.  We have not painted one single room.  It will happen. We’re going to be here a while so taking it slow, because we’d much rather spend our evenings and weekends going for bike rides with the neighbors!

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