Whole 30 – Day #1

I’ve been contemplating this for awhile… but yesterday was the day. I started the Whole30.  Basically, no grains, no seeds, no dairy, no added sugar…  I have to do this.  My fingers are swollen.  For awhile I’ve had stomach issues, and also definite inflammation, and probably the worst, my hair is falling out…  Some days are better than others.  But always better when I’ve been good.  Worse when I go on a carb/gluten/sugar binge.  Thank you Christmas Cookies and Sweets and the New Year’s Chinese food…

Not sure how much I will adhere to the legume/seed guideline (peas, beans, etc. ) that’s hard, and pea soup is on the menu for tomorrow.    Also there is leftover chili in the fridge (beans)  – And I’m traveling for work next week…  Hoping for salads and that they don’t cater food in, so that I have more control over what I eat.
I’m also letting myself eat the leftovers that don’t include grains or dairy… and trying to make more leftovers within the guidelines.   And really, trying to get away from processed food, especially grains, sugar, and dairy.
  • decaf coffee
  • apple, sweet potatoes, Applegate maple/apple sausage, spinach – sautéed in Coconut Oil with pink sea salt.  – (opportunity: sugar in the sausage, but the options are limited at Target – note to research this.)
  • leftover burrito chicken meat (chicken, peppers, homemade taco seasoning, tomato sauce)
  • with sautéed (in olive oil) cherry tomatoes & mini peppers with guacamole (not homemade, so obviously opportunity there too)
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Cutie Oranges
  • I went to Target and did not get Starbucks!
  • Lunch did NOT include tortilla chips – Although I think that some of the craving of tortilla chips is the salty – so I added salt directly to my lunch.
  • Opened a sleeve of Ritz crackers for my kids and didn’t eat any!
  • Oranges for a snack.
  • Crockpot full of soup with lots of freezer leftovers just for me (the rest of the family doesn’t like butternut squash)
  • No evening snack… no cravings.  Strange!
  • Slept Really well.  Not sure if this is related to what I ate, or that no child woke me up.

Anyone out there with advice, especially regarding traveling and feeding fussy kids, please feel free to weigh in below in the comments!

One thought on “Whole 30 – Day #1

  1. My wife and I did this back in August. Sugar is in EVERYTHING. Biggest win for us is that we completely cut soda during the plan and have not added it back yet. I traveled for work 2 and a half of the weeks during the plan. I cheated with balsamic dressings that I’m sure had sugar. Work catered in lunch during an all day meeting – I ordered a Jimmy Johns unwich but didn’t feel too bad about it. It was hard though.

    Good luck and get passed those first batch of cravings this week. My wife had large withdrawal symptoms day 3-6 but was good after.

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