Whole 30 – Day #3

I ate lunch a little late.  Felt a headache and definite craving.  I think it’s because i let myself get hungry.  Dinner was not well planned.  My planned meal still had frozen ingredients.  So I made a quick run to the grocery store for chicken.  

  • Decaf Coffee
  • apple, sweet potatoes, Applegate maple/apple sausage, spinach – sautéed in Coconut Oil with pink sea salt.  – (again sugar in the sausage) 


  • Herbal Tea


  • leftover burrito chicken meat (chicken, peppers, homemade taco seasoning, tomato sauce
  • with sautéed (in olive oil) spinach, cherry tomatoes & mini peppers with guac (same as yesterday but added in spinach)
  • Strawberries/Blueberries with coconut milk

Afternoon snack

  • Raw almonds


  • Chicken (fried in olive oil with salt, pepper, garlic)
  • Asparagus roasted and wrapped in bacon
  • Salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil


  • My husband didn’t hate the asparagus.  Asparagus is new to the house.  Usually only a restaurant food!
  • Leftover chicken for salads.  
  • Found a friend who is doing this too and she gave me a breakfast sausage recipe (no sugar!)

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