Whole 30 -Day #6

Tested out my new gym membership.  And started running again.  I felt good… Felt strong and was definitely running off an adrenaline high after.  I really thought it was going to be a LOT harder than I thought.
Pre-Run: grapefruit wedges
Breakfast (after run): the same. With decaf coffee
  • Leftover chicken/potatoes/carrots – cooked into hash
  • Salad with balsamic vinegar & olive oil
Dinner – My nephew’s birthday party – I packed my own meal
  • chicken/avocado/bacon salad on lettuce
  • fresh fruit
Snack –
  • banana fried in coconut oil with cinnamon and vanilla (YUM!)
  • Exercise!
  • Maintained even with temptation of birthday party food.
  • Served an entire DQ ice cream cake and didn’t even lick my fingers!

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