Whole 30 – Day #8

Start of week 2 did not get off to a great start.  My flight to NEbraska was way delayed.  So I was very short on sleep.  Which is why I felt pretty defeated when the hotel breakfast had only fruit that was compliant.  I was hoping for scrambled eggs.  But they had cheese.  I took some fruit, and went back to my room to come up with a plan.  I found a cafe nearby where I could get my eggs.  Good deal. By the end of the day, the lack of sleep had caught up with me so I took a detour back to the hotel via Whole Foods and got some takeout for dinner and breakfast the next morning.    

  • Omelette with peppers, spinach and ham
  • Fresh fruit cup
  • Decaf coffee


  • Salad with chicken, bacon, artichokes, tomato, Balsimic vinegar and oil


  • Turkey sausage from Whole Foods
  • Green beans, peppers, cauliflower, carrots  (array of goodness from Whole Foods hot line)
  • Organic dry roasted garlic herb cashews (Yum!)


  • Did not succumb to cheesy eggs or oatmeal
  • Gave my work team a heads up so that they asked before ordering lunch and I got something compliant.  
  • Takeout from Whole Foods

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