Whole 30 – Day #15

Halfway there!  It was a blah kind of day.  I stayed on track even with plenty of distractions.  And when I say “on track”, I mean I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t compliant.  But I also didn’t eat great.  I smacked on a lot of macadamia nuts and pistachios.  But I also did not eat any of the cookies or frozen pizza that we made yesterday!  I did not even lick my fingers! 


  • Sweet potatoes, turkey sausage, Apple and spinach in coconut oil
  • Decaf coffee


  • Leftover chicken zoodle soup


  • Leftover chicken zoodle soup


  • Pistachios
  • Macadamia nuts 
  • Repeat. 


  • Having leftover soup kept me compliant (or at least saved me a trip to Chipotle)
  • Nuts probably saved me from sweet potato chips that were staring at me from the pantry. 

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