Whole 30 – Day #17

Hard to believe I’m over halfway through.  At this point I don’t think I’m going to stop at 30… I might go 45.  Not sure, I need to read the “Re-Introduction” section of It Starts With Food.   But I’m really loving how I’m feeling…  Dinner we winged it a bit.  I had plans to make a new chicken chili recipe, but Chad got sucked into a Happy Hour, and I knew that the kids would not appreciate it.  In hind sight, I maybe should have done it.  But now we’ll have it Friday.
  • Sweet potatoes, turkey sausage, Apple and spinach in coconut oil
  • Decaf coffee

Breakfast - Roasted sweet potatoes, apples, turkey sausage and spinach (cooked in coconut oil) #whole30

  • 2 egg omelet with peppers/onions/spinach and avocado
  • adding Avocado to my lunch was yummy!  Love when my avocado is perfectly ripened!

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