Whole 30 – Day #26

I feel like the end of these 30 days is coming fast.  I am going to keep going though… Maybe 45 days.  I don’t feel like I have control of snacking… i still like snacking.  Nuts are my downfall…
  • Turkey Sausage
  • Blueberries, Walnuts, Shredded Coconut in Coconut milk
  • Salad with OG-ish Dressing
  • Chicken (from Whole Foods Hot Line)
  • Garlic Dry Roasted Cashews
  • Paleo Asian Pork (from Whole Foods Hot Line)
  • Salad with OG-ish Dressing
  • Fried plantains for Super Bowl next weekend…
  • Whole Foods Hot Line is awesome!

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