September Weekend #2

Trying to catch up on what we’ve been doing!

We have had some fun weekends this month! The 2nd weekend, we were on the go. We went to the Annual Firemuster Parade on Saturday.

Sunday Maria started Sunday School again. And then we went to cousin Jana’s 9th birthday! I made the cake and I also made a fun little gift for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday.
Maria & Daddy
At the Parade

Too Loud!
Fire Trucks are LOUD!

Jana and her horse cake
Jana and her Pony Cake

40 Sucks
40 Sucks!

Luke is 3!

My nephew Luke turned 3 this weekend! We celebrated yesterday with a Goldy Gopher party!  He was very excited the whole time!  I was in charge of the cake, and loved how it turned out… I decided to keep it simple and just created a cake topper to use on a cake with the “M”  (FYI, Maroon is not an easy color to mix!)

Luke got some great presents, including a big box of Skittles and a card that plays the Minnesota rouser. He also got anew bike, which he took off on right away (in the house)

Everyone had a great time, even Maria who did not get to blow out the candles.  Luke reminded her right when we arrived that he got to blow out the candles. He reminded her again before we sang and even gave her a sideways glance before he blew them out, but she was good and just watched!

Luke's 3rd Birthday

Luke's 3rd Birthday

Luke's 3rd Birthday

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Another Weekend and Another Cake

We had a nice weekend! I spent Friday shopping by myself and then watched Baby Mama after Maria went to sleep.

Saturday Chad was up early golfing and Maria and I went out for breakfast and ran a couple errands. Maria was up early (6am) on Saturday, so I got up, gave her a bottle, and then she went back to sleep, so when she woke up at 8, she wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t feed her… Oops, I remembered when we went out to run errands, so we stopped at Perkins for some breakfast. It was kind of fun for us!  Needless to say though breakfast took longer than I hoped, so we cut the errands short, because there is only so much time I have with her being happy in a stroller or high chair!

Sunday we were up early again. Maria and I made a quick run to Home Depot, and then when we got home Chad was heading out to Golf Galaxy, so instead of unbuckling Maria he just took her with him.  I don’t think he has taken her on any errands by himself for awhile, so he got to experience shopping with a toddler.  A toddler who yells “Ba” at every balloon she sees! And a toddler who likes to hide in clothes racks! And a toddler who loves to say hi to the baby in the mirror!

We also went to our niece Jana’s birthday party on Sunday. I again was in charge of the cake! This time we took on Barbie!!  Check her out! Oh. and we also discovered another word that Maria knows… the minute she saw the cake at the party she yelled “Barbie. Barbie. Barbie” – clear as day!!!  Apparently the other girls at daycare play with Barbies, because she didn’t learn that from us!

That’s a real Barbie in there!

Jana, the Birthday girl and her cake

Luke, Grandma, and Maria

Maria was happy to help eat cake!

Favorite Bundt Cake

This is a great cake recipe. I made it to take to Sarah’s on Friday and to celebrate Heather’s birthday. I believe I originally found this recipe in one of my Taste of Home cookbooks. It originally called for melted white chocolate drizzled over the top, but I just made a simple chocolate glaze from my Betty Crocker cookbook.

Heather with Lilah

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