Catalog Choice

Here’s a great way to clean out your mailbox!

Catalog Choice allows you to specify which catalogs you don’t want to receive any more. It’s a totally free service, and unlike other sites, it allows you to pick and choose, so you can still get your Pottery Barn catalogs but opt out of the ones that seem to randomly show up!

Blog-Light on Nested


Nested is a blog I’ve found fairly recently. This is how they describe their blog on the “About” page.

“Nested is a product, craft and lifestyle blog for parents and people who care about cute things. While there isn’t a shortage of great parenting and baby/child product blogs out there, we wanted to dive in and create a space that has an emphasis on being crafty and finding unique items online. Our coverage skews toward the three-and-under crowd and the parents who are trying to make their lives a happier and prettier place.”

Basically a compilation of fun things for new parents!   Check it out.

Blog-Light on Mayfly

If you love great photography, then you’ll love the blog at!  Written by an artist and mother of two!

Great pictures of her world.  Love it!  Her latest post reveals she’s in a book club… love book club! She is also an upcoming owner of a shop through  (another great site for you that love the homemade, but love it when someone else does it!)

Cool Tool

Chad and I both started using Google Calendar last week.  The cool thing about it is that we can grant access to each other and view (and even modify) the other person’s calendar. Since we are both online more than we are in front of the refrigerator, it works well for keeping track of what each of us has going on individually and together.  Which is KEY in figuring out daycare drop-offs and pick-ups!  Plus since we both use the personalized google for our homepages, we both just added a widget to our front page and see it right from there!

Aren’t we so smart!?