10 Things on my 10 Year Blogiversary!

Wow it’s been 10 Years since I started blogging.  Can’t even believe that.

I’ve blogged about quite a bit of stuff… not sure how much of it is interesting, but I thought after 10 years maybe I should re-introduce myself!  So here’s 10 things my friends know about me:

  1. Married to Chad – since 2003.  We met in a bar called Banana Joes.  At least that’s what I like to tell people.  But really it through a friend of a friend at the bars one night – Also I told him to leave me alone and then gave him my business card.
  2. My oldest is Maria – born May 2007.  She is sometimes a little too much like me… spunky and scattered.  but still sweet and smart (loves math – like me!)
  3. My youngest is Charlie – born February 2010.  He is a sweet and VERY active boy and likes things in order. And also analytical as well.
  4. I grew up on a small farm in small town Wisconsin until I was about 11 (through 4th grade), and then we moved to Rochester MN where I graduated from high school (and my parents still live there)
  5. I graduated from UW-Stout with an Applied Mathematics degree.
  6. I became an avid Packer fan while I was at Stout – They won SuperBowl XXXI while I was there.  You couldn’t NOT like the Packers.
  7. I worked at a Bible camp for 3 summers in college.  We still go as a family every summer.  My kids love it as much as I do.  And it’s definitely grown on Chad as well.
  8. I have worked in IT since leaving college.  I am currently a Lead Business Analyst, which means I get to help figure out what the business needs and how the systems/applications can best support those requirements and processes.  I’ve played lots of roles in IT, my least favorite is Project Manager…  I’m not sure what my favorite is.  I really like to solve problems effectively.
  9. Things I love to do in my “spare” time :  shop, read, entertain, hang out with friends, cook, and many kinds of craftiness like scrapbooking and sewing.  Needless to say my time is limited, with kids and working full time.
  10. This blog started as a way to share with my friends  (and it was originally called “Jane M Says”, before I renamed it “See Jane Blog”, and now “Blog Jane Blog”).  And then it kind of turned into me wanting to document my life a little too.  I’m hoping to get it back to more of a sharing…  it’s taken a backseat to facebook for sure but hoping to focus a little more as we head into this second decade!

The One Dollar Give

I’m not sure even how I came about The One Dollar Give, but it’s a great way to work together to help some great causes! The site will focus on a different charity every day in December. The idea is that we all may not have resources to help all these different important charities, but that by working together the small amounts ($1) add up!!