OK, so I totally was certain David Cook was not going to win.

But very happy that he did.  I’m guessing it was a reverse psychology thing for a lot of people and I wasn’t the only one who voted merely for disagreeing with the judges.  Also nice to see Simon apologize to David C.

That’s all. Yes, kind of pathetic… I know.

Annoying Cheese

Wow. I had no idea the American Idol judges were all about cheese? Seriously?

Am I that out of touch with pop culture that I don’t understand why David Archuleta should beat David Cook? I need help with this one.

So first was Round 1 (HATED the stupid boxing references) – an original version of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” doesn’t beat just another version of “Don’t Let the Sun go Down On Me” Seriously. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed Justin Guarini’s version of it better. And for sure Clay Aiken would whoop David A’s butt singing that song!

Round 2 – OK, the song written for the idol. Of course any schmaltzy feel good song (the judge’s never like these song “choices” -like they have a choice!) is going to go to the boy with the face smooth enough to be a baby’s bottom! Definitely not for a guy with an electric guitar – well maybe Bryan Adams* could pull it off.

Round 3 – David Cook should win just for trying a different song!

Grrr…. I’m guessing David Archuleta is going to win, no matter that I sat and hit redial on my phone for about 10 minutes after the show was over. I’m also guessing, that this year most likely will be the last season in this household! I think I would have rather watched the Twins go up 9-0 than hear Randy Jackson say how David A could sing the phonebook! ugh.

Seriously, what did you think?  I’m so wondering why I don’t agree with the judges really at all tonight.

* Loved the reference in How I Met Your Mother this week to Bruce Springsteen being the American version of Bryan Adams! Ha!!

Super Size Me

Wow… Chad and I just watched Super Size Me. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a documentary on eating fast food, and the director of the film, actually eats ONLY McDonald’s for 30 days. And his doctors on day 21 were asking him to stop. His liver was being poisoned. Very scary! I’m kind of disappointed, since we are going to Madison tomorrow. McDonald’s goes so well with road trips! But not this weekend! Yuk!

I think we were more freaked out about what our kids would eat for school lunches after they showed that!

But I honestly understand what they say when they say fast food is addicting! Because I love it, but whenever I don’t have it for awhile, I don’t crave it at all!

Definitely a good movie to watch. There are so many facts! And good things to know about how food affects you!