Whole 30 – Day #8

Start of week 2 did not get off to a great start.  My flight to NEbraska was way delayed.  So I was very short on sleep.  Which is why I felt pretty defeated when the hotel breakfast had only fruit that was compliant.  I was hoping for scrambled eggs.  But they had cheese.  I took some fruit, and went back to my room to come up with a plan.  I found a cafe nearby where I could get my eggs.  Good deal. By the end of the day, the lack of sleep had caught up with me so I took a detour back to the hotel via Whole Foods and got some takeout for dinner and breakfast the next morning.    

  • Omelette with peppers, spinach and ham
  • Fresh fruit cup
  • Decaf coffee


  • Salad with chicken, bacon, artichokes, tomato, Balsimic vinegar and oil


  • Turkey sausage from Whole Foods
  • Green beans, peppers, cauliflower, carrots  (array of goodness from Whole Foods hot line)
  • Organic dry roasted garlic herb cashews (Yum!)


  • Did not succumb to cheesy eggs or oatmeal
  • Gave my work team a heads up so that they asked before ordering lunch and I got something compliant.  
  • Takeout from Whole Foods

Scary Stuff

This is the same bridge that I complained about being closed earlier this weekend! I used to take this bridge every day to work…

Keep all the victims, survivors, rescue workers, and their families and friends in your prayers! It’s scary seeing your hometown on CNN live coverage!


Wedding and a Shower

Yesterday I went to my friend Carrie’s wedding. Chad was not back from his work retreat up north, so I dropped Maria off at her Grandma’s and went to Eau Claire. (the dropping off turned out to be more cumbersome than planned, because 35W was closed and Maria was hungry, so detouring through downtown Minneapolis with a crying baby in the backseat was not fun!)

Once we got there though, things were smooth, she calmed down, and I headed for Eau Claire. I did allow a little extra time to shop for Maria in Eau Claire. Found exactly what she needed – a little Packer cheerleader outfit! That’s what Daddy gets for letting Mommy go to a wedding by herself!

The wedding was so nice and I saw a ton of people that I hadn’t seen in years! Carrie was a beautiful bride and I finally met her (now) husband, Kerry!  (yes, Carrie and Kerry)


Today we went to a couple’s baby shower for Jason and Joana. It was a lot different than the party they threw last year! About 10 extra babies! A lot has changed in the last year! It was a good time! Maria was a good girl and we got to see a lot of friends! All in all a good weekend!

My Cutie

I got this adorable onesie (size 9 months) at the Carter’s store yesterday at MOA. It was $3.19.  Perfect for my little girl who has outgrown most of her clothes!  I told Sarah that Chad is not crazy about onesies, but this one is sooo cute!  I also got in in blue (with a heart instead of a butterfly). My favorite part is that there is a butterfly (heart) on her bottom-side too!  We found some fall play clothes too.  They had a great sale.  I couldn’t resist… Baby girl clothes are sooo cute!



The last couple days

The last couple days have been busy!  I can’t believe how fast my maternity leave is going!  I am really enjoying the life of non-working mom!  Here’s some pictures from the last couple days.


Maria loves her playmat! She will play and talk to the giraffe for over 1/2 hour.


She doesn’t hate Tummy Time, which is good, because the doctor told us we need to do more of this, because Maria wouldn’t pick her head up like this at her 2 month appointment, even though she does it at home. She just can’t be sleepy or hungry (she’ll suck on the mat/blanket facedown).


Today Maria went to the Mall of America for the first time.  She hates all dressing rooms and will cry every time I take her in one. Luckily Sarah came with us and took care of her while I tried on clothes and shoes!  Sarah’s going to be such a good mom!


She smiles after she toots.  (She’s going to hate that I posted that when she’s older!)


Here’s Maria with her latest gift. A soft bunny with her name embroidered on it.  She smiles at the bunny when I hold it up for her.

Weight Watchers and Chuck E. Cheese

This morning, I made my way to a Weight Watcher’s Meeting. I decided since it worked for me before, and since I haven’t been good at losing the “baby weight” by myself, I should go back.  It was good. I was inspired…

And then when I got home, my brother had left a message asking me to meet him and his kids at Chuck E. Cheese… Since I crave time out of the house, I met them, and blew 14 of my 22 points on 2 pieces of “ok” pizza!

But it was fun!

Here’s Andrew (sporting the glasses he got with his tickets), Katelyn, Maria, and myself.


And here’s Elizabeth hanging out in her stroller.


2 Month Check-Up

Maria had her 2 month wellness check-up today. She hadn’t been to the doctor since she was about 3 weeks old, and she has grown!!!

Today she weighed in at 13 lb 6 oz which is in the 97th percentile.

And her length was 25″! They measured twice to double check. But that was off the charts. It is the average length of a 4 1/2 month old baby!

Her head circumference was in the 95th percentile.

She also had 4 shots/immunizations. She has been extra sleepy today with a tad bit more fussiness, but all in all, not as bad as I’ve heard it can be! My big girl is tough!

PS. I just read that the average well-nourished 2 month old will have grown 1-2 inches since birth. Maria grew 3.5!!

Busy Thursday

Today Maria and I met my friend Jen out for lunch. Jen and I went to college together and she just moved to Minnesota. I haven’t seen her since I went to visit her in Phoenix 7 years ago for a Packer game! It was before I met Chad even!  It was really fun seeing her again!
After lunch we stopped by Chad’s office (although he wasn’t there) to see Naomi since she was sick last time we were there.  Naomi finally got to hold Maria!

Here is Maria all ready to head out into the sunny day! It’s a camera phone shot, so the quality isn’t the best.. but how cute is Maria!


Tomorrow we have Maria’s 2 month appointment which means immunizations! Wish us luck!