Whole 30 – Day #10

I made it 10 days!!  Woo woo!  Yesterday was my last day in Lincoln.  I got up, did some yoga, packed my bag, ate breakfast, went to the office for a few hours and then flew home.  Fortunately my flight home was a much smoother process.  I picked the kids up before going home (They were happy to see me)!  Groceries were waiting on my doorstep when I got home, so we made dinner and did a little food prep for today.


  • 1.5 hard boiled egg (the other half was too frozen to eat – hotel fridge fail)
  • decaf coffee
  • berries and grapes
  • pistachios


  • compliant beef stick (from Whole Foods – probably should have had 2)
  • salad (purchased the night before from Whole Foods)
  • pistachios


  • turkey/beef taco meat
  • guacamole (homemade)
  • romaine


  • pre-planning breakfast & lunch
  • Groceries with fresh produce waiting for me when I got home
  • Taco meat thawed, so I wouldn’t be tempted to deviate from the plan after traveling.

Whole 30 – Day #9

Starting off with 9.5 hours of sleep helps!  Also got a treadmill run in the morning.  Great way to start a day! Work offered to being in Panera for lunch.   And I think partly because I asked for some healthy options.  But upon exploring their website, I find that they add sugar to their chicken (!) and their dressings are soybean oil based.  So I politely declined and went out by myself.  I still made a (wrong) uneducated guess at lunch though.  Dinner was While Foods again.  Safe and a good travel choice if you don’t want fancy sit down.  

  • 2 Hard Boiled Eggs (from Whole Foods)
  • Banana
  • Pistachios


  • Chipotle – salad with chicken, peppers/onions, guacamole, salsa verde – after eating this I realized I had not checked chipotle ingredients?  I don’t know why. But guess what chicken and peppers/onions are cooked in rice bran oil (whatever that is).   Now do I start over?  I maybe should, but I am not going to.  Maybe I just do a whole45? I don’t want to count this as a defeat.  Just lesson learned.  

Afternoon Snack:

  • More of those yummy cashews!
  • Hot herbal tea 


  • Hotel Fridge and pre-buying breakfast!
  • Not caving to bad options.  
  • Speaking up for myself
  • Got to read at lunch. 🙂


  • Always (consistently) research. 

Whole 30 – Day #7

Woke up early.  Not sure why?  I couldn’t fall back asleep because I started thinking about what I needed to do to get ready for my work trip.Ate dinner at the airport (while watching the Packers win!) It was strange ordering a salad when I could smell all the fried food.  But it was good.  Even the tomatoes!  Unfortunately my plane was super late and heading into Day #8 tired!

Breakfast:  The same.  Drank decaf coffee at Charlie’s early hockey scrimmage.


  • Leftover chicken/potatoes/carrots – cooked into hash


  • Dry Roasted Pistachios
  • Raspberries in Coconut Milk


  • Cobb salad minus cheese and eggs with Balsimic Dressing.


  • Ate out in a restaurant
  • Cooked a bunch of non-compliant foods for my family to eat while I am gone, but did not even lick my fingers
  • Resisted complimentary snacks offered by the airline during the 2+ hour delay!

Whole 30 -Day #6

Tested out my new gym membership.  And started running again.  I felt good… Felt strong and was definitely running off an adrenaline high after.  I really thought it was going to be a LOT harder than I thought.
Pre-Run: grapefruit wedges
Breakfast (after run): the same. With decaf coffee
  • Leftover chicken/potatoes/carrots – cooked into hash
  • Salad with balsamic vinegar & olive oil
Dinner – My nephew’s birthday party – I packed my own meal
  • chicken/avocado/bacon salad on lettuce
  • fresh fruit
Snack –
  • banana fried in coconut oil with cinnamon and vanilla (YUM!)
  • Exercise!
  • Maintained even with temptation of birthday party food.
  • Served an entire DQ ice cream cake and didn’t even lick my fingers!

Whole 30 – Day #5

A good day.  Felt a little tired this morning and again mid-afternoon.  Went grocery shopping.  Found some pistachios – dry roasted..  So YUMMY!  Why have I never eaten pistachios before?  Also – hard to find nuts that are NOT roasted in oil.
Breakfast: the same. With decaf coffee
Mid-morning – Another decaf coffee
  • Leftover pork taco meat
  • with sautéed (in olive oil) cherry tomatoes & mini peppers with guac
Mid-Afternoon – Pistachios
  • Pistachios
  • New Recipe Success – Kids liked it too!

Whole 30 – Day #4

Day 4. Feeling more energy. Better focus at work.  Patience with my kids was better today too.  It was a good day.  Not sure it’s all the food, but it’s good.  Starting to plan groceries for the weekend and next week.
Breakfast: the same. With decaf coffee  (if you’re wondering why I don’t have eggs, it’s because I have an intolerance to the protein in egg white… Nothing that makes me too sick, but I try to avoid as much as I can.  And next week, when I’m traveling, it will probably be my safest choice)
Mid-Morning: Herbal Tea mid-morning
  • Leftover squash soup
  • Salad with leftover chicken, avocado and balsamic vinegar with olive oil
  • Pork Taco Meat slow-cooked with tomatoes w/ guacamole, in butter leaf lettuce.
  • Managed to eat my lunch salad even though I really wanted more dressing!
  • Lunch was filling!  But not bloating!
  • Packed my husband’s lunch for tomorrow without sneaking any tastes (tortilla chips & cheese)
  • Dinner plans changed, because my chicken wasn’t thawed.
  • Went to bed before succumbing to my popcorn craving.

Whole 30 – Day #3

I ate lunch a little late.  Felt a headache and definite craving.  I think it’s because i let myself get hungry.  Dinner was not well planned.  My planned meal still had frozen ingredients.  So I made a quick run to the grocery store for chicken.  

  • Decaf Coffee
  • apple, sweet potatoes, Applegate maple/apple sausage, spinach – sautéed in Coconut Oil with pink sea salt.  – (again sugar in the sausage) 


  • Herbal Tea


  • leftover burrito chicken meat (chicken, peppers, homemade taco seasoning, tomato sauce
  • with sautéed (in olive oil) spinach, cherry tomatoes & mini peppers with guac (same as yesterday but added in spinach)
  • Strawberries/Blueberries with coconut milk

Afternoon snack

  • Raw almonds


  • Chicken (fried in olive oil with salt, pepper, garlic)
  • Asparagus roasted and wrapped in bacon
  • Salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil


  • My husband didn’t hate the asparagus.  Asparagus is new to the house.  Usually only a restaurant food!
  • Leftover chicken for salads.  
  • Found a friend who is doing this too and she gave me a breakfast sausage recipe (no sugar!)

Whole 30 – Day #2

My fingers were still swollen.  Better than Day #1, but they still felt swollen. they didn’t look incredibly swollen, but just felt stiff.  My stomach made a lot of noise.  Digesting and stuff but didn’t hurt…  Bought a grapefruit yesterday, and wondering how I will eat that without sugar…  something new, I guess.
  • Herbal Tea (mint ve…something – from Caribou)
  • apple, sweet potatoes, Applegate maple/apple sausage, spinach – sautéed in Coconut Oil with pink sea salt.  – (again sugar in the sausage)  Threw in a little more spinach today
  • leftover burrito chicken meat (chicken, peppers, homemade taco seasoning, tomato sauce)
  • with sautéed (in olive oil) spinach, cherry tomatoes & mini peppers with guac (same as yesterday but added in spinach)

Lunch #whole30

  • Herbal Tea  – from Starbucks
  • Grapefruit (without sugar!)
  • Split Pea Soup (yes, peas are out, but did not have crackers!
Evening Snack
  • Strawberries & Blueberries with Coconut Milk
  • While preparing breakfast, I decided I needed more oil in the skillet, so grabbed my coconut oil spray, sprayed and Then read the ingredients… coconut and SOY… so no more of that. darn convenience items with their hidden ingredients.
  • Grapefruit for a snack without sugar sprinkled on it – can’t say I’d do it every day… but it wasn’t bad!
  • Herbal Tea at Starbucks

Whole 30 – Day #1

I’ve been contemplating this for awhile… but yesterday was the day. I started the Whole30.  Basically, no grains, no seeds, no dairy, no added sugar…  I have to do this.  My fingers are swollen.  For awhile I’ve had stomach issues, and also definite inflammation, and probably the worst, my hair is falling out…  Some days are better than others.  But always better when I’ve been good.  Worse when I go on a carb/gluten/sugar binge.  Thank you Christmas Cookies and Sweets and the New Year’s Chinese food…

Not sure how much I will adhere to the legume/seed guideline (peas, beans, etc. ) that’s hard, and pea soup is on the menu for tomorrow.    Also there is leftover chili in the fridge (beans)  – And I’m traveling for work next week…  Hoping for salads and that they don’t cater food in, so that I have more control over what I eat.
I’m also letting myself eat the leftovers that don’t include grains or dairy… and trying to make more leftovers within the guidelines.   And really, trying to get away from processed food, especially grains, sugar, and dairy.
  • decaf coffee
  • apple, sweet potatoes, Applegate maple/apple sausage, spinach – sautéed in Coconut Oil with pink sea salt.  – (opportunity: sugar in the sausage, but the options are limited at Target – note to research this.)
  • leftover burrito chicken meat (chicken, peppers, homemade taco seasoning, tomato sauce)
  • with sautéed (in olive oil) cherry tomatoes & mini peppers with guacamole (not homemade, so obviously opportunity there too)
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Cutie Oranges
  • I went to Target and did not get Starbucks!
  • Lunch did NOT include tortilla chips – Although I think that some of the craving of tortilla chips is the salty – so I added salt directly to my lunch.
  • Opened a sleeve of Ritz crackers for my kids and didn’t eat any!
  • Oranges for a snack.
  • Crockpot full of soup with lots of freezer leftovers just for me (the rest of the family doesn’t like butternut squash)
  • No evening snack… no cravings.  Strange!
  • Slept Really well.  Not sure if this is related to what I ate, or that no child woke me up.

Anyone out there with advice, especially regarding traveling and feeding fussy kids, please feel free to weigh in below in the comments!

My 21 Day Food Challenge

21 days to form a new habit, right?  –  Here’s my plan:

For the next 21 days, (starting today!)  I plan to avoid the following foods or derivatives of:  gluten, dairy (except ghee), eggs, soy, NutraSweet and artificial sweeteners, and (wait for it)… processed CORN!

Processed corn has been the tough one, but lately a big bowl of popcorn results in a stomach ache the next day.  This means corn syrup (which I’m pretty good about), corn chips (need an alternative for guacamole!), anything with corn oil (potato chips L ), and popcorn.  I’m still might allow myself whole kernel corn, but definitely not often.

Actually I’m pretty good about the gluten and dairy, and eggs.  Because I KNOW those aren’t good for me.  The corn didn’t show up in my food tests, but who am I kidding, my doctor, my nutritionist and both my acupuncturists have told me to try taking it out… I need to do this.  After all my nutritionist was right about Soy.  I stopped drinking soy milk and my nose stopped running!

Things I’m going to eat minimally (like 1-2x/week), potatoes (white, not sweet), corn, and rice.  Also coffee – I know I should give it up, but I’ve found it easier to give up diet soda than coffee, so I’m going to go with that.  My coffee will be limited to what I make at home with giving up dairy & soy.

I’ve maintained this for about a week previously, and it felt good, but then I always stumble – usually I’m not prepared with a snack or a quick meal.  Like those swimming lesson nights where I come home and give my kids a snack before heading out to lessons… so they get cheese and popcorn  or maybe yogurt and crackers… and I end up eating a bunch of popcorn or potato chips (cooked in corn oil) and then it spirals from there…  like those chocolate dipped sugar Valentine cookies… or the junior mints we keep in the house to bribe Charlie to do his business on the potty.  (yes my 3 year old loves mint!)  So I need to plan for that.

So here it is.   I think I can do this.  What I’m hoping to gain:

  • reduce swelling in my hands (I hope to wear my wedding ring again)
  • reduce the color/size of my rash on my legs before skirt/short/swimsuit weather
  • increase my energy (it’s almost running season)
  • hopefully heal my stomach a little more

Wish me luck.