Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas.  I loved have the weekend leading up to the holiday. It seemed so much more relaxed. And then I took an extra day after Christmas and worked primarily from home after that.

Family Picture

Maria got her American Girl doll that she has been talking about since September.  She was pretty excited to get it from Grandma and her aunt on Christmas Eve, because she thought that meant she would have 2 when Santa brought her one that night.  (She asked Santa for the doll, because she knows they are expensive and that way I wouldn’t have to pay for it!)

Maria & Kit

Charlie was a pirate for a couple of days.  He got a spyglass and pirate scarf, complete with a map leading to buried treasure.  Fortunately we realized the map was a prized possession and scanned it in before it got lost so we can make more copies.  He used the map to guide Chad to my parents house on Christmas day. “Go to the X, Daddy!”

Charlie the Pirate

More Christmas Pictures

Christmas 2011

We had a really nice Christmas. Everyone was healthy and we didn’t have to worry about snowy weather… although some snow would have been nice!

We spent Christmas Eve with Chad’s family.  The kids opened their presents from us and his family there.  Christmas day, we spent at home.  Santa brought some great gifts. Maria got a new doll (Ashley Rose) and Charlie got his first train set (Thomas!).  We ate a brunch of Oven Baked Caramel French Toast, eggs and bacon! Both kids napped and I may have shut my eyes while watching Christmas Vacation!  Chad’s parents joined us in the afternoon and for a turkey dinner (crockpot).  The day after Christmas, we spent at my parents and were also joined by my brother’s family.  It was a great few days!

Family Picture


Reading with Grandma

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Maria’s Holiday Card

There are a LOT of teachers at preschool. Or it seems that way. There are main teachers and various helpers, and then there are teachers from the other rooms because some time the different classrooms are combined. Oi! And gifts for all those without understanding their roles are hard. So we have opted to do something for the classroom (Target gift card addressed to “Preschool 2″) and then have cards for each teacher. This is the card we made for each of the teachers (printed as a 4×6” photo).

Maria Holiday Card 2011


ready or not here it comes…

Just a few more things to do, but I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done already for Christmas:

    • Kids saw Santa – Maria sat on his lap. Charlie did too, but screamed!

Maria & Santa

    • Completed my gift shopping.
    • Completed my grocery shopping(!)
    • Addressed, stamped and sent out Christmas Cards/Letters
    • Attended a Christmas Party
    • Made Cranberry Cheesecake Bars for a holiday treat sharing day at work.
    • Managed our Elf on the Shelf all of December (minus one night he forgot to move)
    • Made and ate Christmas cookies with Maria and Charlie (we just scooped sugar cookie dough into balls and rolled in the various sprinkles and baked… none of that fancy rolling or cookie cutter stuff for us!)

Baking Cookies

    • Helped Maria decorate her gingerbread house.

Gingerbread House

    • Attended Maria’s Sunday School Christmas program/service.

Maria & Mykaela - Church Christmas Program 2011

  • Taken Maria to the doctor & pharmacy various times. And scheduled a tonsilectomy for January. (OK, not Christmas related, but still stressful and time consuming, so I’m counting it!)
  • Called a roofer to come fix our leaky skylight (again, stressful)
  • Cleaned the lint trap in my washer (I had no idea it had one, so after 6 years, you can imagine we figured out fast where the musty smell was coming from! duh!)
  • Got all the presents sorted and in boxes ready to be wrapped
  • Got the house picked up and ready for my house-cleaner tomorrow.

My TO-DOs:

  • One more day of work (but from home)
  • Make Caramel corn
  • Wrap presents
  • Make more cookies
  • Make those pretzel & Hershey hugs things
  • Make meatballs for Christmas Eve
  • Watch Elf and/or Christmas Vacation
  • Take a shower.

Then I’ll be ready!