My Favorite Things

With all the Christmas shopping to be done, I love hearing what other people love… and here are some of mine that I’ve discovered over the past year. And remember I’m kind of a practical mom-type…

Contigo Travel Mugs! No spill, and they keep your coffee hot for a while! I make my coffee at home, throw my mug in my bag and enjoy hot coffee when I get to work! I found this set at Costco for $20

Arrested Development: Still working my way through Season 1, but I love it! Watching it on Netflix on demand! Netflix would make a great holiday gift!

Nordicware Microwave Popcorn Popper – Air popped popcorn with a little olive oil. YUM!!! Healthier and cheaper than other microwave popcorns. Plus you control what goes in it. And a great price!

Dyson DC25 : A pretty expensive gift, but maybe YOU deserve one. We love it! And can’t believe how dirty our floors really get!

My new favorite jeans: Eddie Bauer Modern Fit Straight Leg – I own 2 pairs (well 3, but one pair is a size too big now). It’s like a skinny jean for people my age! Not a super low waist and not super tight, but still skinny enough to tuck into a pair of boots. And a good price. Plus they come in long for you tall folks.

Libman Freedom Spray Mop – Finally a mop, that doesn’t use disposable pads and doesn’t require a bucket! I just use it with vinegar and water! Available at Target or Menards (probably other places too) for around $20.

For a little girl in your life: I love this etsy shop for Hair Clips: Everyday Clippies. Most clips are offered with a “baby” clip option which works for Maria’s fine hair.

Just some of my favorites… here’s to getting your shopping done! 🙂

On Track

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I am finally feeling in the groove at work. But in the groove means busier. But that’s good. Good to feel like I am contributing!

Last weekend we were busy with a family picture section, a visit to the pumpkin patch, plus the normal grocery/Target run. Although last week was not just a normal Target run, I got a new vacuum. a Dyson! So then we cleaned too! 🙂

This week marked week #2 of Weight Watchers. And I am down a total of 5.8 lbs. Yay!! Pants are a little looser already!

Even celebrated today and bought a few new things. At Kohl’s! I found several cute things. You know how when you aren’t looking you find cute things! yeah, that was today.

Some pictures to upload at some point for you too. Just on the laptop and all the pictures are on the big computer all the way downstairs… and I’m trying to watch Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy upstairs. so you’ll just have to wait!