You Capture – Easter

I always mean to participate in weekly – You Capture. Some weeks I just don’t pick up my camera… (which is why I don’t post any here very often)  But this week’s assignment was Easter / Pastels. And well… my kids had matching outfits. Of course there are pictures!

Before Sugar!

My kids prior to any sugar! She likes silly poses and he likes to imitate her! 🙂

Cousins And because I assumed my camera was in manual mode, I’m sharing this picture from my sister-in-law’s camera.

Easter 2012

We’ve had a great April so far.  It’s been a lot of Easter celebrations.

Last weekend, we went on an Easter Egg Hunt with Maria & Charlie’s cousins in their neighborhood.  It was fun seeing the Easter Bunny (although Charlie did not get too close) and seeing our cousins.  The kids got a lot of good play time together!

This past weekend, our daycare was closed on Friday, so the kids and I did some shopping and spent the day together.  Saturday we had swimming lessons. Charlie has decided to act his age! And the Terrible Two’s surfaced more than once! Including not staying for more than 3 minutes of swim lessons.  I am trying to focus some on diet now because it seems to get better when he eats, so I’m trying to focus on food that sticks and doesn’t cause a sugar crash.. (this kid loves his carbs and sugar!)

Yesterday afternoon, Maria & I made a run to Costco, then decorated eggs  while Charlie napped. Shortly after, my parents arrived. Maria was so excited for them to stay overnight.

Side note: earlier in the week, Maria told me how excited she was for Easter.  When I asked her why, she said “because it means Jesus is alive and my cousins and grandpa & grandma are coming over!”.  She never thought about the Easter bunny.  Proud!

Last night Maria & Charlie enjoyed their time with my parents. This morning we went to church. Both kids sat and colored and looked at the activity bags and were relatively quiet.  Charlie did offer up an “ALL DONE” at the end of one song, but other than that, we only had one water break.

Chad’s parents and brother’s family came over to join us for dinner.  We had some delicious food. Mostly prepared by others!  The kids got to play outside. Charlie got to nap and was not happy about missing out on the outside playtime.

After my parents left and Chad’s brother left, I went for a run, based on a guilt of consumed chocolate. Afterwards, both kids had a bath. We scrounged up dinner for everyone and it was early bedtime.  A great weekend. Lots of fun!

On The Go

We kept pretty busy this weekend! Chad was out of town, but Maria and I kept quite busy without him!  Thursday evening, I decided we’d try going out to eat. I gave Maria the choice of hamburgers (Culver’s) or pancakes (ihop).  She chose pancakes. After dinner, we went to the mall to play in their new play area.

Friday was pretty normal… I ran errands and did stuff around the house. She went to daycare.

Saturday, we had swimming lessons in the morning. We went early since we are still trying to ease her in. She did not need to be eased in at all, and we ended up being in the pool for 50 minutes, which meant we came straight home to nap!  After Maria’s nap, Chad’s parents came over. They took her for a walk and played hide with her. We also made homemade ice cream.

Sunday (today), we went to church, although I spent the hour in the nursery with her.  It’s my attempt at getting her acclimated and used to the people and building, so we can actually leave her in the nursery in the future.  After church, we stopped by the mall again to play, and I had to return something.  We then realized that the Easter Bunny was there, and no one was in line, so we went and got a picture! We haven’t talked much about the Easter Bunny, but Maria was plenty excited to see a big bunny and sit on his lap!  After the mall, Maria napped, and then we headed to my brother’s house. We haven’t seen much of them since Christmas. Maria got to play a LOT, including outside and we stayed for dinner.  I was surprised she didn’t fall asleep on the car ride home. In fact, she’s still awake in her crib right now (over an hour past normal bedtime).

Nice weekend!  But busy, time to get to bed so I’m not a zombie tomorrow!

Easter Bunny

Elizabeth and Maria on the Swings


Maria, Elizabeth, Katelyn testing out the lawn chairs.

Maria playing dress-up

Maria loves her Aunt Melanie

Elizabeth hugging Maria

All the cousins – Andrew, Maria, Elizabeth, Katelyn

Andrew, Katelyn, and Maria


We had a very nice Easter weekend.

Saturday we were up early to go have Maria’s ears rechecked. Her ear infections were all cleared up, and the doctor was able to tell us what to put on her little patch of dry skin on her face, so hopefully we can get that cleared up after months. (She sucks her thumb and sleeps on her left side, so we think that it gets worse at night from drool!)

Saturday afternoon, we headed to her grandma and grandpa’s house (Chad’s parents). She got all dressed up in the dress that Grandma had bought her! When we got there she had an Easter basket filled with eggs which were filled with her favorite sweet potato puffs and wagon wheels (Thanks, Gerber Graduates!). Maria also ate some big person food too with us for dinner – strawberries and potatoes!

The next morning we were up early and drove to my aunt’s house in Darwin (home of the biggest ball of twine!). I think there were around 20 people there, including my parents. But probably more exciting for Maria were my 2 cousins’ kids (4 of them ranging from 4-8). They all played so nicely with Maria and she soaked up the attention! Unfortunately both my mom and I forgot our cameras. We also found out that my cousin Emily is expecting a baby herself, so Maria won’t be the baby for long!

This morning Maria woke up with a super goopy eye. I cleaned it up and Chad took her off to daycare. I had an eye appointment myself, so I asked my eye doctor about it. She said it was probably infected and highly contagious. Oops! So after my appointment I went to work, and then called the pediatrician to find out what they thought. They wanted to see her, so I picked her up early and we went to the doctor… again! 7 times since mid-February! They gave her some eye drops, but said she’d probably be ok tomorrow to go to daycare… at least it wasn’t pink eye and there was no ear infection to go with it!

Pictures from the weekend…

Pretty Girl – playing with the eggs from her Easter Basket!



Trying to get the camera from Mom – that was more interesting than the basket on Easter morning!


Playing with her new toy lawn mower that the Easter Bunny left at Grandpa and Grandma’s house for her!