See Jane Run

Yep, that’s right. I am running again. And today I ran a 5K.  The last race I ran in was Memorial Day weekend 2006 (10 miler in Chicago – and I was not prepared for it!)  So over 5 years later.  Today’s race was in memory and honor of a friend’s father – The Ken Rome 5K.  It was a great day for a race.

I started training in July, when I decided I needed to start taking care of myself again. And needing to exercise. I used the Couch to 5K iPhone app, which kept me going and told me when to run/walk as I worked my way up to running.  Today I ran the race in 30 min and 30 seconds.  It felt good.  Definitely proud of getting going again.

Ouch. My "me time" hurts.

Since heading back to work, I haven’t been good about working out. Our new elliptical machine is kind of lonely. But it’s hard. After work is hard, because Maria doesn’t always want to nap, plus then I also need time for a shower. Especially hard when Chad is out of town.  So this week, I decided to get out my pilates DVD and give that a go again. I figure I can do it when Maria is napping or even playing in her exersaucer…

Well, today she napped, so I went straight through it… no need for breaks to hand her a new toy.  And wow… I am really really out of shape!  I wanted to quit. BUT the fact that it was hard makes me really want to stick it out. Wish me luck!