September Weekend #2

Trying to catch up on what we’ve been doing!

We have had some fun weekends this month! The 2nd weekend, we were on the go. We went to the Annual Firemuster Parade on Saturday.

Sunday Maria started Sunday School again. And then we went to cousin Jana’s 9th birthday! I made the cake and I also made a fun little gift for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday.
Maria & Daddy
At the Parade

Too Loud!
Fire Trucks are LOUD!

Jana and her horse cake
Jana and her Pony Cake

40 Sucks
40 Sucks!

Labor Day Weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend at my brother’s cabin.  It has become a bit of a Labor Day tradition, as we usually celebrate my niece’s birthday too.

Highlights of the weekend include:

  • Boat rides
  • Fishing
  • Maria riding the tube behind the speed boat
  • A Camping themed birthday party
  • Lots of cousin and family time!

Look who caught a fish with the Barbie pole!?
Look who caught a fish with the Barbie pole!?

Camping Cake
Camping Cake

Birthday Girl
Elizabeth – The Birthday Girl

Nature Hike
All the cousins on a Nature Hike

Elizabeth & Maria Tubing

Boat Ride
Charlie loved the speed boat “Uncle Mike, Go More Faster!”

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Luther Park 2012

We had a great week last week at Family Camp last week at Luther Park. We had a stressful week leading up to it since our daycare was closed.  But once we were there it was a lot of fun!

  • Lots of friends!  Former counselors and other families who have been there for many years as well.  oh and Grandpa & Grandma.
  • Seeing the kids make new friends! Charlie and Evan were best buddies and Maria just wanted to “catch up” with the older girls. (And using her imagination when making new friends)
  • Campfires!
  • Singing and Dancing and Pretending to be a Puppy
  • Lots of sidewalks for the scooters!
  • A Pool and a boat ride.
  • Tie-Dye.
  • A giant sandbox (volleyball court) and slides
  • Games – Chapel Quest and Pharaoh, Pharaoh were Maria’s favorites
  • Great weather (only one rainy day) and the temps were in the 70s-80s all week.

At the "Park"

Tie-Dye with Carly

Grandpa's Scooter

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July 4th, 2012

Our day started off with a hail storm. Right around 6:30.  Of course, it woke up Maria who has her ears on for any sound of bad weather, 24 hours a day.  She was content though to snuggle in our bed until about 7:30 though.

Our morning was spent distracting the kids and getting things set up for our annual party.  Charlie went down for an early nap and I convinced Maria just to lay down and rest. She fell asleep for about 10 minutes, but then again was woke up by the sirens (first Wednesday of the month, 1 pm). So then I spent another 10 minutes convincing her it was just a test, even though we know they worked because they went off 2 days earlier.

Our guests started arriving right around 1:30. We hit the backyard and the new pool by 2:15.  And this is the only picture I took during the party.  At least it’s cute and catches the mood of the day!

4th of July

We had a great spread (thanks to everyone that brought food!) And a good party. No one got too hot and everyone had plenty to eat!

After our guests left and the house/yard was put back in a little bit of order, we went over to the neighbor’s party.  We came home for baths around 8, but never made it back. Maria talked herself out of fireworks and then after stories, laid in bed fearful and in tears that the loudness of the fireworks was going to make it into our house. Poor girl! Although she did see some of the action from her bed through her window, she fell asleep with headphones listening to lullabies on the iPod. Charlie slept through every single firework.

I took them both to daycare/preschool today and all Maria talked about was how excited she is for next year to see the pretty fireworks.  🙂  It’s funny how she remembers things.

Green Bay – The Weekend

We spent this past weekend in Green Bay with Chad’s extended family.  It was such a nice weekend once I got past the hassle of planning and coordinating!

The men left very early Friday morning, so they could golf in the afternoon.  (although a storm interrupted that).  And I left with the kids a few hours later.  We met my sister-in-law, niece/nephew, and mother-in-law so we could caravan together.  A quick lunch and a little play time outside of Wausau before arriving in Green Bay early afternoon.  The kids did not need much time to warm up and just started playing. Everyone arrived by dinner and we had a nice evening together, before heading back to the hotel.

The night was long, but oh so short! We had decided to not use the pack-n-play as Charlie is much too long for it and can climb out. We instead ordered some bumpers to put under the sheets and hoped he would be tired and konk out.  NOPE… this kid managed to stay awake until 10:15 both nights. AND got up before 7 both days.  YIKES!

Saturday was a fun-filled day as well. Even on so little sleep. I think we spent about 3 hours at the pool.  Charlie was not a fan of the Puddle-Jumper life jacket I had for him, but soon realized it was better than not going in the pool.  He also learned pretty fast that he could be a “boat” and float with it! 🙂  Maria was a little fish too.  Both had quite the adventure of going down the big waterslide. Maria even went by herself once she got over the initial fear of the size of the slide.  (unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the whole slide, so you can’t see the size of it, but I bet it was about 2 stories?)

Saturday afternoon/night, was more time together as family at Chad’s cousin’s house, including a campfire and including smores!

Sunday was a quick stop to get Maria’s nails painted by Tami and say good-bye and thank you to everyone.  We stopped in Eau Claire to visit my aunt in the hospital and had a quick visit with my parents.  Maria resisted sleep the WHOLE way home!  5+ hours.  Charlie napped twice.  I was not surprised last night at 5:50 when Maria decided it was time to go to bed! And Chad still had to wake her up this morning.

Teeter Totter with Jana
Maria & Jana

Luke & Maria
Luke & Maria

Water Slide
Ellie & Charlie

Water Slide
Annie & Maria

Charlie's first S'more
Charlie’s First Smore

More Green Bay 2012 Pictures

Andrew is 12

My oldest nephew turned 12 this last week.  Where has the time gone? He is a fun kid.  Loves sports and the outdoors; books and movies; computers and puzzles. Loves bugging his sisters.  But is so patient with Charlie and Maria.

We celebrated today with a party. I made the cake after seeing all of these on pinterest. It was a good day, but it pretty much always is when we get some cousin time!

Elizabeth & Maria

Reading with Uncle Mike

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

I LOVE 3 day weekends!  We spent a lot of time together as a family and got a whole lot of fun in, even with a sick kid and a fever.  We rallied and had a great weekend.

Saturday was rainy, but Maria had a friend coming over for a playdate.  Unfortunately Maria wasn’t feeling well and I found her lying on her bed while Abby was playing with her toys at lunch time.  She spiked a fever after a nap, so Chad and I cancelled the babysitter we had lined up and stayed home.  After a 2nd nap, Maria’s temperature was back to normal and even ate a little before bedtime.

Sunday,  Maria was feeling much better so we didn’t have to cancel our plans to have brunch with Chad’s parents and brother’s family and then to Teddy Bear Park.  We had a great time, even though Maria and Charlie were probably the sweatiest kids there!  After the park, while Charlie napped, I snuck out for a pedicure.

Today, we took the kids to a park, ate a picnic lunch there and then stopped for frozen yogurt.  Yummm.. The afternoon we were starting to experience a crabby 5 year old and things were a little rough for a while.  But after Charlie’s bath and Maria’s shower, we were calmed down enough, that I gave Maria a new piano book for her toy keyboard. She was so excited and I got a big hug! And she settled in to practice her piano with only a few interruptions from Charlie.


Charlie sat in this “boat” and said “HO-p Me. Mama, HO-p me!” He wanted me to help him move it. 🙂