Breakfast Club

I invited some book club friends over this morning for a play date.  The crowd was a little sparse, but we still had a good time. It sure is harder to find dates/times that work for everyone, even when kids are invited.  Wish I had thought to take pictures. It was a hectic day, as I am in call to do testing for work this weekend, and the schedule was behind, so last night’s testing needed to be done this morning, when I should have been making the egg muffins.  we did get to eat, it was all delicious! and a beautiful day for the kids to be outside!

Fun Playdate

Well I’m not sure what I was thinking when I organized a playdate for today, because last night when I thought about ALL the kids and people we’d have at our house, it seemed like a lot… but it was a BLAST!

In attendance – Ethan, Isaac, Lily, & Maria  –  all age 2!  Evan, Cole, & Macie (all >1!)  Oh, plus 5 Mom’s (Kristen, Theresa, Kyra, Jane, and me) and one soon Mom-to-be (Carrie)!

I dropped Maria off at daycare for about an hour this morning while I went to the dr and then got things ready. We had 2 pools in the backyard, plus the sprinkler! Everyone brought something to share for lunch (the brownies were a hit with the kids!) and we suffered no major meltdowns!  That is a success!

Maria LOVED it and after her nap (4-5 pm!) she asked about her “friends coming over?”   Sorry Sweetie, hopefully again soon!  And sooner than last time! Maria hadn’t seen any of these friends since she was 3 months old!  Here are a few shots, but more here at flickr. Unfortunately I was not at the top of my game and I didn’t get any shots of the babies or the Moms… just the toddlers.

Pool Fun

Enjoying Brownies



Slide in the Sprinkler

Birthday Party

This afternoon we went to our friend Max’s first birthday!! It was a lot of fun! Luckily Max has a big basement, because the weather was not cooperating for the blow up bouncy castle his grandma got him.  It all worked out, the kids just jumped inside!

Once Maria got over the noisy air compressor she was all about jumping!  But she did stop for cake! Not sure who loved the cake  more, Maria or the birthday boy!


Yumm.. Cake

Mouth full of Chocolate cake!

Max, the birthday boy!

Max's 1st Birthday

Photo Catch Up

I realized today I had a few pictures on my camera from last week.

From last Sunday, Maria, myself, Rachel and Sophie

Maria, Jane, Rachel, Sophie

And our new favorite treat – Ice Cream Cones!  She loves them, she’s just giving me the eye, because she wants it all to herself!

Ice Cream

Ice Cream


You’re getting bullets… life just doesn’t seem that interesting to blog more than once a week, yet too much going on to write details… strange…


  • Maria’s 2-year wellness checkup. She’s 35.5″ tall and 27.8 lbs which puts her at about 90th percentile for height and 60th for weight.
  • Picked up a bike trailer that I found on Craigslist and stopped at a few garage sales.  Just bought a few toys for Maria, including a tea set which she seems to love!
  • I had lunch with a friend from my first “real” job after college. I hadn’t seen her in about 8 or 9 years so it was fun to catch up.
  • Ran some more errands.
  • Picked up Maria, and then as soon as Chad got home, headed out to meet my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece Jana for pedicures!
  • Overall, fun relaxing day!


  • Met Jana and Kim at Jana’s soccer practice and then picked up McDonald’s and headed to Teddy Bear park to play.
  • During Maria’s afternoon nap, I got the bikes down and pushed them to the gas station to get air in the tires.
  • After nap, we went for a bike ride with the new trailer! Maria loved it!!


  • A college friend and his family stopped by on their way through town. We had lunch and hung out. It was the first time they met Maria, and they have a 9 1/2 month old girl as well, so very fun!

All in all, a very nice weekend!

Fun Day

Maria and I met Sarah and Lilah at Woodbury’s Central Park. It is a very nice building and a great indoor (inexpensive) way to spend an afternoon!

Maria loved the jumping the best at the indoor playground! I had to get another little girl to drag her out for me!

We had pictures in the morning, so Maria’s only nap was on the way home at 3:30! Yikes! Although she was very good this evening and went to bed an hour early without any fussing.

Maria’s favorite thing to say today was “going to be 2 on Monday” which is exactly right, but “on Monday” means “later” to her. Just like “tomorrow” and “in a little bit”.