Helping Hand – Daisy Scout Activity

I am learning more as we go with Daisy Scouts.  And one thing is that Kindergartener’s can do a LOT of different activities in an hour, because nothing holds their attention for so long.  (I totally appreciate Kindergarten teachers even more!)

So along with one coloring activity and a story and the normal 20 games of Duck Duck Goose, we try to do another activity with the girls at each meeting.

Here’s the activity we did this week as we learned about being Friendly and Helpful.  Each girl made 5 of these cards to take home. Then when they did something helpful they could leave the card to let someone know they had been helped.  Maria came home and straightened up our shoes immediately!  Wish she had swept my foyer too!

Helping Hand - Daisy Scout activity

Fall Weekend

It definitely felt like fall this morning. We had our first Daisy Scouts event. Raking.  followed by hot chocolate, pumpkin decorating and play time!

This afternoon we also went to a Halloween party.  The kids had a good time playing outside, even though it was a bit chilly!  More festivities tomorrow.  Fun times.


Our FairyTale Witch

Girl Scouts

This summer we’ve been talking about Girl Scouts and Chad & I made the joint decision to sign Maria up. So I went to a meeting on Wednesday night to do just that.  Now I don’t know much about the Girl Scouts, except that they sell cookies. (I was a 4-H girl).  So when they said they couldn’t form a troop unless they had at least 1 leader, and would I be willing to co-lead, I said… “maybe” which 30 minutes later had me filling out a form!  Yikes!  I did do that.

But here’s what I’m thinking now… I probably have about 8 years left with Maria until she thinks I’m crazy and annoying and doesn’t want to hang out with me.  This gives me time to hang out with her AND have insight into something she hopefully likes AND have influence on the activities she and her troop do.

So any of you out there that are involved in Girl Scouts or grew up in Girl Scouts, let me know, so I can ask you questions. Help this Troop Leader out!