The Kindergarten Graduate

Today we celebrated Maria’s Kindergarten Graduation.  She has had an exceptional year. She has made friends and really blossomed socially – honestly this is the part I was most worried about. I never doubted that she’d be great at reading or math or art or any of that stuff.  Although I must say I am very proud that she is coming out of Kindergarten reading chapter books and understanding basic math (including multiplication).

So proud.  Can’t believe how far she has come since last year’s graduation.
The Graduate!

More Graduation Pictures

The Graduate

Maria graduated from preschool last week!  Very exciting stuff!

She is continuing at the school 3 days/week through the summer.  We just found out that for the summer all the kids entering Kindergarten next year have been put together in one room to do some reading assessments and some activities aimed at preparing them more for Kindergarten, including some Spanish immersion activities.

Here she is with her preschool teachers who have been with her since she started almost 2 years ago.  We love them and will really miss them next year!

Preschool Graduation