Project Pantry

I am to the point where my pantry is FULL! But I never feel like we have food on hand!  So therefore my new project is to create meals around stuff I have in the pantry!  Mostly it’s a lot of canned vegetables, tomato sauce, pasta, soups, some spaghetti sauce and lots of baking stuff!

The pictures I took below are from before cooking this afternoon. I made a double batch of chili (which was super easy, because I cut the onions and peppers up and froze them last week while we were recovering from our bug, so that they wouldn’t go bad) . I also made a batch of Quick N Easy casserole and froze it in 2 smaller pans for later.  So my pantry has 5 less cans in it than it did this morning! It’s a start!

If you have suggestions or recipes that will help, I’m open for ideas!

The Pantry

Shelf #2

Shelf #3