Maria is loving school. And I know that Kindergarten is sooo very different than when I attended Kindergarten 30+ years ago, but wow, some of the stuff she tells me is very interesting. This week she has learned what I would refer to as “soft” skills.

Earlier this week when I asked her what she learned at school, she responded “I learned that we are all special in different ways.  Like I’m really good at speaking English!”

Last night I met some friends after work, so came home after the kids had dinner, I snuck up on her and tickled her when I got home.  And a few minutes later when I asked her what she learned about she said “we learned that my feelings can change every second.  Just like when you came home and tickled me, I was surprised, but then I was happy because you were home” 

How about that for melting a Mom’s heart??

Weaving Project!

Winter Weekend

Wow – It has been a long time since we’ve seen this much snow…  Saturday we woke up to a decent covering, but the sun was shining and it didn’t stick around much.  We went out for a little bit.  Charlie knew exactly what to do.  Throw the snow.  Aim for Maria.


Sunday we woke up to snow and it just kept snowing. ALL DAY LONG.  We went out a little in the morning to clear off the driveway. Thinking about this, we barely had any snow last year. And the year before Charlie wasn’t even 1. So you can imagine how excited he was on Sunday being out helping Daddy dig!

The other excitement for the day was a cat had found his way into our garage and refused to leave last night. Once we had it cornered,we realized this was not a stray cat. He was a lost cat. And he did not want to go back out in the snow. So I called 911 to have someone come and get this poor cat out of our garage, because we thought he was stuck and possibly injured as some firewood had shifted on the shelf he was under. While we waited we lured him out from under a shelf with some milk and chicken. Eventually the police came and we got the cat in a box and he took him to a shelter. And we re-assembled our garage as we had pulled everything out as the cat found new hiding places.

All in all a good weekend… topped off sitting warmly at home while the Packers beat the Lions at a snowy Lambeau Field.

Fall Weekend

It definitely felt like fall this morning. We had our first Daisy Scouts event. Raking.  followed by hot chocolate, pumpkin decorating and play time!

This afternoon we also went to a Halloween party.  The kids had a good time playing outside, even though it was a bit chilly!  More festivities tomorrow.  Fun times.


Our FairyTale Witch

Wisconsin Dells – Take 1

This past week, Maria had the whole week off from school.  We had talked about getting away, so in August when we found a deal via groupon.com, we jumped on it and committed to a weekend in Wisconsin Dells at the Great Wolf Lodge.  I was excited, especially once I realized this is the first time we have gone on a family vacation on our own. (not that we don’t enjoy vacations with our families!)

We had a great time.  We didn’t tell the kids we were going anywhere until breakfast on Thursday, when I came out of their rooms with packed suitcases.  We told them we were going to a hotel with a swimming pool.  Anyone with a 5 year old knows we had to limit the anticipation to a matter of a few hours.  I think within 5 minutes at one point that morning, Maria had asked the time at least 3 times.

We stopped for lunch with my parents in Rochester, then we continued on to the Dells.  While Chad checked us in, the kids and I went to check out the “pool”. The kids were pretty surprised to see a whole water park and not just a pool! Maria was hoping for a diving board and got water slides! Then we went and bought a big cup full of candyI figured we were on vacation!  Ha… I figured out pretty fast that a sugar-rush on a 2.5 year old boy is quite a match for this mom!

We spent a couple hours in the water park before dinner and then checking out the arcade and story time in the hotel lobby.

Saturday morning, we were up early for breakfast. We checked out the outlet mall. The kids got new Crocs and got to pick out Jibbits.  exciting stuff for the kids! 🙂  We spent several hours in the water parks, including eating lunch there. We all had naps in the afternoon to prepare for an evening of fun at Knuckleheads, which is like Chuck E Cheese on steroids.  We met up with our friends, which worked out perfectly for the kids.  Maria and Briann (and the Dad’s)  took on the big kids rides, while Charlie and Brooke stuck to the slides and bouncy things.

Sunday morning, we weren’t up quite as early, but managed to get to breakfast and the water park before checkout time.  It was a quiet ride home as both kids slept!  It was a great weekend, and we’re hoping to make it a tradition!
Wisconsin Dells!

Wisconsin Dells!

Wisconsin Dells!

Storytime at Great Wolf Lodge

A few more pictures here – unfortunately playing at water parks and fast moving rides do not go with cameras and my photography skills.

Pumpkin Patch 2012

It’s become somewhat of a tradition to go to the Pumpkin Patch with Grandma and Aunt Kim and cousins Jana & Luke the first weekend of October, while the Dads and Grandpa golf.

This year however, was the coldest visit yet.  The temps were in the low 40s (if that high) and there were very few visitors. We still fed some sheep, ran Grandma out of quarters on the small rides, took a hay ride and picked out pumpkins.  But it was our shortest visit ever.
Pumpkin Patch 2012
Jana & Maria

Pumpkin Patch 2012
Charlie & Luke

a few more pictures from our visit

My own little “Marathon”

Yesterday, Maria was overtired from a fun day on Saturday with her cousins and Grandma.  She spent Sunday testing me. ALL. DAY. LONG.  Lots of dramatic crying and falling to the ground every time she didn’t like my husband’s or my response .. “Noooooo!”  At the end of the day, when she was finally in bed, Chad asked me “who do you think is more tired: you or the marathoners?”  I didn’t put in anywhere near the physical exertion they did (although carrying her out of church kicking and screaming was hard!), but my head was swimming all day. I think this might be motivation to try running one next year…  If for no other reason, I’d at least get a few hours by myself on a Sunday morning.

September Weekend #3

Last weekend Maria had her friend Lilah sleepover. Both girls were very excited. It was the first time Maria had someone sleepover at our house. And it was the first time Lilah slept at a friend’s house.

I think they both had a lot of fun. And Charlie did too. Unfortunately they did not sleep much! Lilah missed her mommy and they had trouble settling down since they were sleeping together on the air mattress.  They finally fell asleep around 10:30.  Only 3 hours past their bedtime.  And then were up around 6:45.  Needless to say, Sunday School was not fun for Lilah. She was ready to get home.  And both Maria and Charlie needed naps as well.

We might wait awhile to try this again, but I bet if you asked any of them they would still say they had a lot of fun! Especially Charlie who asked where Lilah went on Thursday, even though he was with when we drove her home! 🙂

Maria and Lilah's Sleepover

Pillow Fight