February Menu

I did create a January 2011 Menu, I just never got around to posting it.

And although a week late, I made one for February too.  One week of planning a day at a time is just too hectic sometimes.  And then I end up completely eating too much or crappy foods and then my “skinny” jeans don’t fit as well!  oops!

February 2011 Menu

August Menu

July has been like a blur. I think I blinked for like 10 days!  Hopefully August isn’t quite so chaotic, although in the midst of chaos last month, I was glad to have my menu plan even if I didn’t stick to it all the time!  It just made grocery shopping and a lot of nights easier!

My August Menu

July Menu

So busy, I know. I’m ignoring my blog.  But being this busy I sure have been thankful for having June’s menu plan!

Tonight, while ordering groceries (yes, my busy-ness means I will splurge for groceries online and avoiding grocery stores with a 2 year old on the weekends!)  for our July 4th bash, I planned out July’s menu!  It’s a little more sparse, but I think that’s realistic. We often have leftovers and/or change our minds, because some days just warrant a little spontaneity! 🙂

July 2010 Monthly Menu

March Menu

My February Menu went pretty well. I wasn’t able to stick with it every night, but I was able to adjust as we went and still feel organized, and on top of things. It is just really nice to come home each night and not feel stressed about figuring out what is for dinner.  Especially when I’m ahead of myself and prepped the night before (or pulled something out from the freezer.)

Since it went well, I am going to try it again in March, but hopefully adjust from somethings I learned last month, such as: allowing “space” in the plan to eat the leftovers and planning sides each week as I plan shopping.

If you’re interested, here is my March Menu.

February Menu

A few weeks at book club, a friend said she was trying out creating a monthly menu and then buying groceries each week for the planned meals. She said it saved a lot of time and they were wasting a lot less food…

So here is my first attempt at a menu: February 2009 Menu. You’ll notice I left Friday’s blank, because we’re either out, or one of us is home by ourselves. I figure that can be egg sandwich night or pizza night!

Thanksgiving Preparations

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year! A smaller crowd than 2 years ago, but still about 12 people.  Today I plan on starting some of the shopping, so I’m thinking about the menu.  Of course, my guests (parents & in-laws) are all helping, but I’m doing the core.  It’s kind of stressful, but I love it. And I get to use my new cookbook (a birthday gift): America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook

So here’s my menu:

oh.. and the day after my mom and I are making Lefse!!!

and the day after that, is Chad’s birthday and I have to make Banana Cream Supreme!