My own little “Marathon”

Yesterday, Maria was overtired from a fun day on Saturday with her cousins and Grandma.  She spent Sunday testing me. ALL. DAY. LONG.  Lots of dramatic crying and falling to the ground every time she didn’t like my husband’s or my response .. “Noooooo!”  At the end of the day, when she was finally in bed, Chad asked me “who do you think is more tired: you or the marathoners?”  I didn’t put in anywhere near the physical exertion they did (although carrying her out of church kicking and screaming was hard!), but my head was swimming all day. I think this might be motivation to try running one next year…  If for no other reason, I’d at least get a few hours by myself on a Sunday morning.

Kid Stories

Yesterday Maria was writing names on a piece of paper. I don’t know that she knew how to spell what she was writing, but she was writing.  And then she asked me if I knew how to spell “Kelly” and “Ripa”.  I asked her how she knew Kelly Ripa and she told me she is on after breakfast at daycare. I then asked her if she liked Regis.  “No Mom. He’s a Boy!”  She did later tell me that he’s leaving the show.  Nothing gets by her!

Tonight we got a glimpse of life with a boy and a girl.  Maria had 3 random stickers on her shirt.  Once Charlie realized, he took off after her and tried to pin her down several times to get them. Once he got one, he stood up and took off running.  She of course gave chase.  Oh the fun, and we’re just getting started!

He’s Back!!!

So part of the reason I have been missing from action the last couple weeks is due to someone we have been calling Mr. FussyPants (aka Charlie!) Poor guy has been a little… ummm.. how do I put this … ahem… stopped up. And the 2 oz of prune juice each day was NOT getting things moving! And he was a bit uncomfortable for a week or so, but then last weekend he started screaming… after every bottle. Argh… so we went to the doctor. With the help of some glycerin suppositories and an extra dose of prune juice we got things moving! But still fussy… hmmmm…

Then it dawned on me! See last week I thought I was being the responsible parent who was sick of washing bottles by hand, decided to get rid of my BPA bottles that I used with Maria (but didn’t put them in the dishwasher to keep that BPA from leeching into my child’s system!) I upgraded all my BPA Avent bottles with the BPA-free Avent bottles. And even with the slight design change (an added inner ring) it never dawned on me that it may change how my child inhales (because when he is hungry that boy can suck it down!) his formula!

I think it was Monday night when I had to get up with him about 3 times and each time it took me 30 minutes to get him comfortable again, that I realized what the deal was! I hated that I had just spent $40 on new bottles. But I wanted to sleep again (and even daycare commented on how fussy he was!) So Tuesday, I took off to Babies R Us and purchased the some goods my baby (and the landfill!) Playtex Drop-Ins with disposable liners! I have heard wonderful things about these bottles! Not just how easy they are to clean, but also how little gas a baby consumes when drinking from one. And let me tell you, that first night he slept 9 hours straight. Took a bottle and went straight down. NO BURPING!! Woo hoo!!

Daycare said the next day was a dream with him (we gave her a bottle and box of drop-ins too!) So we are on Day 3 and loving having a happy baby again! So yes, We are happy!

Here is the happy guy earlier tonight! Oh, and look he can sit up for a few moments at a time, but we sit close, because he completely just tips over!!

Happy Boy

Sitting Up

It’s a Boy!

We have a lot going on here these days, so I’ve been a little slow on getting the news out there!

Charles David was born last Thursday, February 18th at 4:53 pm!

Today is the first day home by myself. So far so good. Since we figured out on MOnday that he was starving, we started supplementing with formula and he is now an easy baby!!

Maria was excited at first, and then hesitant and is now back to being excited!


Our daycare has been closed since last Wednesday and Maria has been shipped around to several different places – mostly friends and family, but yesterday she actually went to another daycare with a couple of her friends.

She has done tremendously well! And I really wanted to get through this chaotic time with the potty training, but she has done tremendously well!  So far this week she has only had a wet pull-up during nap (she even asked to use the bathrooms at Ikea on Tuesday), EXCEPT yesterday – she stayed dry the entire day! We even put on big girl underpants when she got home.

Today she is with a friend of mine, so I wasn’t ready to take away the pull-up (for the sake of my friend) but this weekend we are going without pull-up/diaper…   maybe I will get a week (or 2) of no diapers/pull-ups before this baby comes!  Now I just have to figure out how to keep her pants up without the extra padding! 🙂


So yes, I’ve been shirking my duties as the dutiful blogger I want to be.  I apologize, but November gets soo hectic!

Since my last post, I went on the Hudson Tour of Homes with Sarah, had a playdate / Packer watching afternoon with my friend Lana, celebrated Thanksgiving with the family, got up early for a few Black Friday doorbusters (which I doubt I will ever do again), made lefse with my mom and celebrated Chad’s birthday.  And pretty much completed my Christmas shopping!

Plus I’ve been cleaning out closets, the backroom and garage.  Got rid of some good garage clutter using Craigslist. Sold 2 boxes of books at the used book store. And took 3 boxes to Goodwill.  Currently I’m working on finding someone or an organization that would want a bunch of my fabric.  And getting our old hideabed hauled away.

Today, I finished up at my contract at Target Corp.  I was there over 21 months, so it was a little surreal to leave and not know what I am going to do next.  I will be on the bench and my company will continue to pay me while they try to find me a position.  Of course, things are a little limited with my due date being mid-Feb, plus this time of year it’s just hard to find new contracts.

This weekend besides getting things organized with the new bed, I’m hoping we get the tree and decorations up for Christmas. Maria has been so excited and playing with her Fisher Price Nativity Set and her Mix and Match Christmas Book.  (Both are toys I highly recommend for toddlers and would make excellent gifts!)    She also is obsessed with Christmas lights and talks about Santa coming in through the fireplace!  What a wonderful time of  year!

I will try to be better about keeping up with my blog now.  Especially if work is a little slow, I really have no excuse, right?!