Children’s Museum

Daycare was closed on Thursday, so Maria and I met Lilah and Sarah at the Children’s Museum. We spent most of our time in the Toddler room, so that Maria and Lilah could both roam.

Here are some pictures and a video of Maria going on the slide! She loved it and picked up her feet, so she just flew right down!

Wheee! Slide on Vimeo.

The Children’s Museum


For Christmas, we received a family membership to the Minnesota Children’s Museum (Thanks, Mom & Dad!). I hadn’t been there since my niece Katelyn was a baby (6 years ago!), but thought Maria would be the perfect age. New Year’s Day was our first visit! We met Chad’s brother’s family there, so the kids could all play together and we had a great time! I felt like we didn’t even see nearly as much as we could have, so we will have to go back again soon!

Maria figured out very quickly she could fill the cart with all kinds of fun play food!

The cash register was loud, but Luke and Maria loved it!

Jana had a good time too! She was very excited to show Maria all kinds of things, and Jana and I did some crafts together too!

Luke and Maria are making a music video and watching themselves on TV.

She was hesitant of crawling through the tunnel to get to the slide at first, but after I crawled in first, she loved it!


I was surprised when Maria went right down and sat with the other kids to watch someone talk about turtles! Such a big girl!