You Capture – Easter

I always mean to participate in weekly – You Capture. Some weeks I just don’t pick up my camera… (which is why I don’t post any here very often)  But this week’s assignment was Easter / Pastels. And well… my kids had matching outfits. Of course there are pictures!

Before Sugar!

My kids prior to any sugar! She likes silly poses and he likes to imitate her! 🙂

Cousins And because I assumed my camera was in manual mode, I’m sharing this picture from my sister-in-law’s camera.

Photography Class

I am taking a photography class through Community Ed to learn to use our digital SLR.  It is 3 weeks long and so far the first session was great. I have an idea now how I can maybe go about taking some pictures using natural light without my flash going off!

Our assignment for the first week is to take a portrait at a window.  This would be a lot easier if my subjects would sit still!   I am going to attempt more tomorrow, but here is my favorite.  Note though that I adjusted the color on this as I had the white balance set wrong and he was sort of a shade of blue in the original.

Window Portraits

All my Photography Class assignments here.