Accordion Photo Book

For my niece’s 1st birthday, we’ve all been requested to bring items for a time capsule to be opened on her 21st birthday in lieu of gifts.

I decided to give her some pictures from her first year, including one from the day I met her in the hospital (the day we found out I was pregnant), one of her and Chad, a couple with her and her aunts (myself, Aunt Marilyn, and Aunt Alice) and then one of her trying to steal Maria’s Nuk a few weeks ago.

But how to present them… I decided I wanted to make a small photo album for them, so I started googling for ideas. I came across several links to making an accordion style book, and kind of cross mixed the ideas and ended up with this as the final results.

I think I will definitely make one of these again. It was relatively simple, and will make a nice gift, with or without pictures.

If you’re interested read on for some of the details about how I did it…

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