My Favorite Things

With all the Christmas shopping to be done, I love hearing what other people love… and here are some of mine that I’ve discovered over the past year. And remember I’m kind of a practical mom-type…

Contigo Travel Mugs! No spill, and they keep your coffee hot for a while! I make my coffee at home, throw my mug in my bag and enjoy hot coffee when I get to work! I found this set at Costco for $20

Arrested Development: Still working my way through Season 1, but I love it! Watching it on Netflix on demand! Netflix would make a great holiday gift!

Nordicware Microwave Popcorn Popper – Air popped popcorn with a little olive oil. YUM!!! Healthier and cheaper than other microwave popcorns. Plus you control what goes in it. And a great price!

Dyson DC25 : A pretty expensive gift, but maybe YOU deserve one. We love it! And can’t believe how dirty our floors really get!

My new favorite jeans: Eddie Bauer Modern Fit Straight Leg – I own 2 pairs (well 3, but one pair is a size too big now). It’s like a skinny jean for people my age! Not a super low waist and not super tight, but still skinny enough to tuck into a pair of boots. And a good price. Plus they come in long for you tall folks.

Libman Freedom Spray Mop – Finally a mop, that doesn’t use disposable pads and doesn’t require a bucket! I just use it with vinegar and water! Available at Target or Menards (probably other places too) for around $20.

For a little girl in your life: I love this etsy shop for Hair Clips: Everyday Clippies. Most clips are offered with a “baby” clip option which works for Maria’s fine hair.

Just some of my favorites… here’s to getting your shopping done! 🙂