Up To:

Went back to work on Tuesday. I found a short contract position working for a company that I previously worked at for a few months. It makes a nice transition to go back to some place familiar, even if it had been almost 2 years!


I am now 31 weeks pregnant and not always sure how I will make it through the next 9 weeks!  Feeling huge.  Plus if I do too much (i.e. walk, pick up Maria, spend too much time on my feet, combination of any of the above) I sometimes have contractions which reminds me to slow down.  Last week was hard, because Chad was out of town, but we survived and he is now home for at least 2 weeks.


She is definitely 2.  The last few weeks she is all about being independent and making decisions. This mostly comes in the form of not listening when she doesn’t want to hear what we have to say, especially at bed time.  We struggle with this, especially knowing that I shouldn’t be picking her up. But a time out only stalls bed time which is exactly what she wants…

She does love to help and when I sat at the bottom of the stairs to rest last week, she held my legs and told me she wouldn’t let me fall… 🙂


He’s on vacation for 2 weeks.  and I am jealous.

Here are some pictures from making cookies yesterday. Maria only stayed interested until I let her use the rolling pin and then she was off to play and wait for Lilah to come over to play. Today I am frosting them and we’ll see if she’s interested in that… 🙂

Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas Cookies

25 Weeks

I am 25 weeks along, but it seems like I should be further.

I don’t remember feeling like I was “outgrowing” my clothes this early last time. And I don’t remember having such a hard time getting comfortable last time.

But all that, it’s going well!  I am feeling this little one kick quite a bit.  Baby is definitely a fan of banana splits!

We are slowly getting ready. We are in the midst of having Maria’s big girl room and hallway painted.  Should be done by Thursday!  I’m also one again feeling the need to purge and clean out!   This time I think I’m a little more aware of how much things will be different come Feb/March.  I cleaned out a bunch of cookbooks to take to the Used Bookstore, knowing that if I’ve owned them for more than a year and not cooked much out of them that I won’t have time to do that in the next couple years…   Next up is probably some of my fabric and crafty stuff!

It’s been a whirlwind so far and I know it will all go quickly with the holidays and lots of birthdays to celebrate between now and February 20th!


What we’ve been doing:

Avoiding H1N1 – my co-worker’s daughters both are currently on tamiflu and “quarantined”.  Their entire daycare had a fever on Monday evening!

Working – Not as hard as I should be.  So need to work on that.

Sleeping – I’m REALLY good at napping these days!

Staying up late watching sports – Monday the Packers and Tuesday the Twins… So Tuesday wasn’t so late, but it was a long (and exciting game). Monday was late and they lost, so that made Tuesday that much harder.

Trying to keep my house clean – It’s very hard.  I’m not sure why it’s all of a sudden gotten so hard. Maybe because now when Maria naps, I nap. And now when she goes to bed, I lay around and watch TV.  LOVE having some good prime time TV back!

Cooking – I’ve been cooking quite a bit lately.  Inspired by the cooler weather, baking and crockpot cooking! Oh and trying to save money, so planning ahead a little to avoid drive-thru’s and the carside-to-go mentality!

Enjoying Maria – She is a blast these days!  She loves to “sit” by the baby.  She listens to it with her stethoscope too. She also is nuts about all her dolls!  And as much as she is Mommy’s girl, she really loves her time with Daddy when he gets home!  She never ceases to amaze us with what she says and with what she has stored in that little head of hers!!


We had a nice weekend again. Yesterday morning we walked a 5K in memory of Chad’s best friend’s dad. It was a beautiful morning and we managed 5K in about 50 minutes.  Although I was plenty tired at the end!  We spend the afternoon relaxing (naps for all) and I also went through a big load of maternity clothes from a friend.  Chad’s parents stopped by in the evening.

This morning, Maria slept in until 9:30!!  Couldn’t believe it. I showered, talked to my mom on the phone, and did some grocery shopping before she was even stirring!  The afternoon was spent watching football, and then another friend stopped by with MORE maternity clothes!  Chad is thrilled! Not so much with the extra boxes and bags, but with the fact that he thinks I don’t need to shop now! 🙂

Maria was a little confused today and asked a couple times where we were going. I don’t think she gets the concept of just staying at home for the day.  I guess our weekends have been pretty busy all summer, that she’s not used to staying home!  I think it was good for ALL of us!  Chad did take her out for a bike ride in the late afternoon, but she didn’t like how windy it was, and I guess got scared by some leaves(??).

She went right down again tonight and I think it’s about time I did the same!


Weekend: Saturday we took down wallpaper in the “plaid” room. No plaid left!! Yay! It will be Maria’s new big girl room when we’re done. Sunday we had a playdate with my co-worker and her daughter’s. Then football for Chad, while I made apple crisp and meatballs for dinner and Maria played and watched her Percy (Thomas) video.

Reading: catching up on magazines. Population 485 is next.

Pregnancy: 18 weeks now.  Feeling good.  Funny how at this time in the last pregnancy, I felt so pregnancy, and now I don’t feel that way at all.  I guess I know how big I’m really going to get!  We have our Level 2 Ultra Sound next week.

Work: Busy. Lots of stuff going on for a team that seems to only be getting smaller.

Other Stuff: Helping to plan for Sherm & Mary’s party in October. If you worked at Luther Park, and want to send me your current email and any emails of other past staffers, that would be great

Not much else. Tired today from staying up for the football game, but glad they won, especially since I stayed up for the end!!  Need to go get some apple crisp and then head to bed!

The First Trimester

We are now less than 6 months from due date with Baby #2!  Due 2/20.  Time is flying by with so much to do in the next 6 months!

The first trimester was not that bad.  Relatively similar to last time.  Definitely hungry the first few weeks.  The nausea (which was minimal the first time – I never threw up) may have been slightly better this time. No dry heaving or anything.  (not rubbing it in)…  Definitely tired and appreciative of naps.  Not sure if I was more tired this time than last.  Hard to tell if it’s the toddler who wears me out or the baby… Although the last few weeks have definitely gotten better, I still need AT LEAST a full 8 hours to function by the next evening after work.

We also had an ultrasound at 9 weeks, because the doctor was concerned about the size and wanted to verify dates. The ultrasound showed everything was normal and the dates were correct.  I switched doctors/clinics too, and so far LOVE the new doctor/clinic. It means I will deliver at a different hospital, but I wasn’t that attached to the last hospital (or obviously doctor) and our pediatric clinic covers the new hospital too.

Maria is set on having a baby girl or a baby brother, but not a baby boy.  🙂  We won’t know until February though!   She’s excited about being a big sister, but I don’t think she really gets it.  We bought new (used) furniture  for her and will move her into a new room (which means taking down wallpaper and painting). It is all set up now though, and she loves sitting on her new bed and talking about how she will sleep in it and the baby will sleep in the crib and sit in the bouncy seat!

So far so good!   And it’s time for bed so I’m not wiped tomorrow!