2013 – First Day Of School

Here we go again!  More milestones – of the first day of school type!

Charlie had his first day of preschool today and Maria her first day of First Grade.  Both had great days. Both were tired tonight – Especially Charlie!  But his teachers said he just went with the flow and it wasn’t like he was the new kid at all.  Of course, it helps that they all know him as Maria’s little brother!

First Day of Preschool!

Maria declared the new girl in her class her new Best Friend in the car ride home from after school care.  Which is good, considering her Kindergarten BFF is at a different school this year.  And she came home with homework (1/2 page of numbers). She has also been asked to read 20 minutes a day. So we set up a little table in her room, where she can work without Charlie and I showed her how to set the timer to make sure she gets 20 minutes in.

First Day of School - 1st Grade!

All in all, based on the first day. I think it’s going to be a good year!
First Day of School!

More First Day Pictures

Last Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Maria’s last day of preschool. She did not seem sad at all to be leaving.

Yippee!  Done with Preschool!

After I picked Maria up, we (Charlie, Maria, myself) went to Chili’s for dinner (Maria’s choice). And then Target and Costco to get some things for the weekend.  We brought home strawberry sundae’s from Costco and they ate them while watching TV before bedtime. We had a fun evening.  (Chad had fun too at his Fantasy Football draft)

The Graduate

Maria graduated from preschool last week!  Very exciting stuff!

She is continuing at the school 3 days/week through the summer.  We just found out that for the summer all the kids entering Kindergarten next year have been put together in one room to do some reading assessments and some activities aimed at preparing them more for Kindergarten, including some Spanish immersion activities.

Here she is with her preschool teachers who have been with her since she started almost 2 years ago.  We love them and will really miss them next year!

Preschool Graduation