Mother’s Day 2010

We had a great mother’s day!  My first with Charlie (although I didn’t get any pictures of my little man today).  Maria, my mom & I did the Race for the Cure this morning.  It started a little cold, but turned out to be a great day!  After the walk, we spent a little time at the mall to avoid the mass exodus after the race before heading home for some steak on the grill.  This afternoon, we all took naps. Even though Maria only agreed to quiet playtime in her room and she won’t admit to sleeping, I’m pretty sure the picture below speaks the truth…

This afternoon, we made cupcakes for Kara’s (her daycare provider) birthday and made a paper chain to help her count down the days until she turns 3.  All in all a GOOD day!

Race for the Cure - Mother's Day 2010
making a necklace at the Race for the Cure

Race for the Cure - Mother's Day 2010
Excited to meet Goldy Gopher!

Diego's Rescue Rider
Maria riding Diego’s Rescue Rider with Grandma

She still claims she didn't nap!
apparently she is NOT napping in this picture.

My Mother's Necklace
Chad bought me the Charlie charm for my Mother’s necklace.