Slow-Motion Moment

Today we had some friends over for a playdate and to help me move some patio furniture and then get the kids out of the house, while Chad is in Nashville for March Madness.  We went to the park down the street from us.  4 kids all together and 2 moms.  We went to the park that I like better for Charlie.  Slides that aren’t ridiculously tall or need ladders to get to.

But he still fell… 5 feet to the ground.  It happened so quickly, but yet, so many things went through my head in that split-second.  He stepped off the side where there wasn’t a railing because there was a ladder-type thing to climb up.  And because his momentum was not going towards the opening, he fell kind of sideways and forwards, so he landed on his side (not on his head or awkwardly on his feet) And somehow he also managed not to hit anything (ladder-type toy with 4-5 METAL bar steps) and just landed on his side in the soft mulchy wood chips.  The moment I saw it happening, my instinct to go to him kicked in, but then something stopped me.  I’m not sure what it was. All the possibilities of what could go wrong, ran through my head, but yet so far we have had nothing wrong.  Best case scenario.  My mind and faith can’t keep from thinking there was someone watching over him that kept him falling in exactly the right way so he didn’t get clobbered on the way down or when he actually hit the ground. And maybe that someone also stopped me from getting in the way when I saw it happening.

He cried as soon as he hit the ground.  I ran to him, picked him up and held him and asked my friend Sara what I should do.  She knew to have him move his arms, to understand if his range of motion was affected.  He didn’t want to cooperate, because he was howling!  And once we (including Charlie) figured out he wasn’t hurt too bad and we decided to go home, he got even more upset, because he was not ready to go home!

On the way home, I decided to take him in to the doctor just to be extra careful.  It was a long wait, but luckily it was nap time so he was happy to sit in my lap and watch Thomas and Curious George on my phone while we waited.  (thank you Netflix)  And he checked out just fine.  Although I still need to check him every 4 hours tonight. Unfortunately it is 9:30 and I’m still trying to get him to go to sleep.  Darn 4 o’clock naps throw things off!  But it’s hard to be mad, with so much to be thankful for.  A lot of things could have gone wrong today and the worst part of my day was sitting at Urgent Care for 2+ hours with a healthy child!  Charlie got a lot of hugs and cuddles today.  He still might get more if he doesn’t fall asleep soon!

Maria went with my friend Sara and her girls. And is now spending the night at their house. Her first sleepover at a friend’s house.   She didn’t even notice he fell, which was frustrating at the time because she was so unfocused about why we were leaving and making a fuss about Charlie. But now I’m glad.  Her memory is a steel trap and she is constantly recounting our car accident in January to me, so just one more thing to keep her from “worrying” about.

Ride home from the park All the kids piled in one stroller on the walk home from the park. BTW – Look how BIG Charlie is. He barely fits in the front of our stroller!

Looking forward to having Chad and Maria home tomorrow.

(P.S. this was written on 3/18/12, but not posted until 3/19/12 since we are home by ourselves tonight.)

Quieting the Noise

So not a resolution, but my intention for 2012 is to quiet some of the noise in my life.  My head is always going… always.  unless I’m sleeping then I’m out – I don’t dream (or remember my dreams) at all.   I’m a tired mom!

So to obtain the goal of a quieter mind and life:

  • plugging my iPhone in for a recharge earlier in the evening between 7-8 pm – this should help me avoid “1 more play in Words with Friends” or checking to see if anyone updated facebook, when I should be sleeping or getting ready for the next day.
  • unsubscribing to emails.   Way less mails popping up on my phone or computer each day is a time-saver and it actually keeps me from visiting websites because there is a sale. Sales often don’t save me money, they just invite me to spend more.
  • daily devotions.  I downloaded a devotional book to my Nook, that I can read on my Nook or phone… so either when I first wake up or on the bus on the way to work.  It’s a great way to gain some perspective as I start each day.
  • watching TV in the kitchen.  If I have a show that I really want to watch, then I have started doing that in the kitchen instead of the recliner downstairs.  First, I can’t stand my dirty kitchen, so I tend to clean while I’m watching TV. and 2nd, if I do sit down, it’s not comfortable, so I am more likely to get up and go to bed when I’m tired (vs. checking facebook one more time in the recliner.)

So it is January 18th, we’re currently just over halfway through the month, and how am I doing?

The first week was really good. The second week, work got busy, life got busy.  And that Friday was the 13th.  And it was NOT. A. GOOD. DAY!

I got to sleep in a little, because the kids were going to the back-up daycare center, so I was planning on driving in to work with them in the morning.  So I had just bought my daily devotion the day before, so I read it before I got out of bed.   It was about letting God guide us through our days. So after I read, I prayed that God would help me to listen to him. So I got up, got ready, got both kids fed, dressed and loaded in our Traverse (because it had snowed a little and I just feel safer in the bigger vehicle with both kids in bad weather).

Soooo…. I back out of the garage and Maria asked me a question about music.  I said no, we were listening to my radio station and then … crunch.  I backed into a our brick privacy fence (that is attached to our house).  crap.  The whole wall fell over and the truck now has a nice big scratched up dent (2 separate panels).   argh!  that is 2 separate insurance claim (homeowners and vehicle!)

Go back inside, tell Chad (he’s mad!), find the insurance papers, put the kids in my car, because I still have to go to work, because my daycare is downtown today and I’m missing work the next week.

So driving to work, carpool lane, because I have both kids with me.  Probably about 3 times, I checked my speed.  I don’t normally have to do this, because my Corolla does not go that fast without being kind of loud.    But I did, and decide that I’m OK, a little over the limit, but that’s pretty normal for the carpool lane (and me).

Driving into downtown (Charlie is shouting and pointing at the skyline – “dow-tow” where did he get this??!)  And I leave the interstate to a different highway which takes me into downtown.  Go to change lanes, as there is an intersection right ahead and I don’t need to be in the left lane. Realize I can’t change lanes, and BAM – rear-end another car.  The kids are OK.  I’m able to follow the driver to get off the road and onto the median.  We exchange information, the state patrol and tow truck drivers come. We hang out in the cold backseat of the state patrol until Chad (who was now even more frustrated) gets there to take us home.

Anyway, I didn’t total the car (came close though. it’s already fixed.).  Paid the deductible. The Traverse and wall, we’re planning to fix out of pocket, because it’s not much more than the deductible.  It was a bad day!  Really, it was a bad hour!

It was a long day, just thinking about what happened.   Plus I took myself and the kids to Urgent Care after Maria started complaining of a sore back. (We all checked out fine, except for her pink ear, which they treated with antibiotics. not related to the accident)

But the more I thought about it, my prayers were answered. Again, not in the way I’d expect… but I’m pretty sure God was telling me to slow down.  And that He was the voice in my head telling me to check my speed.

This is a long post, I realize.  And in the end, the accidents boil down to money we don’t want to spend, but no one was hurt.  And it gave me another reason to be more conscientious and deliberate about quieting my life.

ready or not here it comes…

Just a few more things to do, but I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done already for Christmas:

    • Kids saw Santa – Maria sat on his lap. Charlie did too, but screamed!

Maria & Santa

    • Completed my gift shopping.
    • Completed my grocery shopping(!)
    • Addressed, stamped and sent out Christmas Cards/Letters
    • Attended a Christmas Party
    • Made Cranberry Cheesecake Bars for a holiday treat sharing day at work.
    • Managed our Elf on the Shelf all of December (minus one night he forgot to move)
    • Made and ate Christmas cookies with Maria and Charlie (we just scooped sugar cookie dough into balls and rolled in the various sprinkles and baked… none of that fancy rolling or cookie cutter stuff for us!)

Baking Cookies

    • Helped Maria decorate her gingerbread house.

Gingerbread House

    • Attended Maria’s Sunday School Christmas program/service.

Maria & Mykaela - Church Christmas Program 2011

  • Taken Maria to the doctor & pharmacy various times. And scheduled a tonsilectomy for January. (OK, not Christmas related, but still stressful and time consuming, so I’m counting it!)
  • Called a roofer to come fix our leaky skylight (again, stressful)
  • Cleaned the lint trap in my washer (I had no idea it had one, so after 6 years, you can imagine we figured out fast where the musty smell was coming from! duh!)
  • Got all the presents sorted and in boxes ready to be wrapped
  • Got the house picked up and ready for my house-cleaner tomorrow.

My TO-DOs:

  • One more day of work (but from home)
  • Make Caramel corn
  • Wrap presents
  • Make more cookies
  • Make those pretzel & Hershey hugs things
  • Make meatballs for Christmas Eve
  • Watch Elf and/or Christmas Vacation
  • Take a shower.

Then I’ll be ready!

Happy for February

Wow, February already. January went fast. But I fine with that! It wasn’t a great month. Charlie was sick twice and Maria was really sick once for a grand total of 5 doctor appts (one of which was for both kids so we’ll be billed for 6!) and 4 prescriptions for antibiotics! Yuk!

January also revealed the need for a new dishwasher (leaked and warped our hardwood floor) and a new door (it warped and won’t open… Still waiting to see if warranty will cover it).

Sigh.. I am exhausted. Although with all this happening I have been reminded to count my blessings as a close friend found out she has cancer. Which totally sucks considering she is expecting a baby this summer.. So it isn’t just a matter of throwing herself into treatment.

I know I am blessed and my friend is too. Definitely being challenged to keep things in perspective and to be thankful in all circumstances even for the fleas.

See Jane Disappear

Yikes, I didn’t mean to be gone this long. But then I got behind on uploading pictures (Christmas and New Year’s are uploading as I type). So can’t share Christmas without pictures!

It was busy, but fairly uneventful. We were healthy through the holidays, and when I say through, I mean Charlie’s fever broke around noon on Christmas Eve. And he was feeling better for the festivities. Maria did fall out of bed Christmas Eve, and had a nice bruise on her forehead and cut lip for Christmas Day, but that didn’t slow her down from celebrating!

It was a very nice Christmas. We snuck in a date night between Christmas and New Year’s (dinner and the movie True Grit, which was excellent). New Year’s Day we spent at the Children’s Museum with Chad’s brother’s family.

New Year’s weekend also though brought some water. First an ice dam backed up the water flow on our roof and it diverted itself down the kitchen exhaust pipe. Luckily we caught it early and were able to get snow removed and hopefully will keep the snow from melting in the rest of the year. The next day though we noticed warped hardwood in our kitchen. It took us a while to figure out it was from a leaky dishwasher.

So last weekend was ordering a new dishwasher, taking Charlie to Urgent Care (another ear infection) and cousin Luke’s birthday party (pictures still to come off the camera). Monday was taking Charlie back to the doctor. His ears were worse and he still had a fever! A new antibiotic. Today Charlie’s fever was gone and he was much more back to himself. I worked a little from home and the dishwasher was installed. Busy busy!

Oh, and Maria started gymnastics last week! She LOVES it! She is not shy and not scared to try things and takes the constructive advice and applies it as she masters these new skills! So proud of her!

I will post Christmas pictures soon (and a new recipe, before I forget!)

Keeping my head above water!

November has proven to be a busy one… are you sensing a recurring theme?

Charlie’s ear infection resurged the first week of the month. Sending us to Urgent Care the first Friday of the month. Then this past week, Maria threw up on Wednesday and was miserable. Friday she woke up with her eyes stuck shut. Doctor later determined she had a double ear infection and both eyes infected as well. She is a trooper.

Last weekend, I snuck out on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday with some girl friends! Good time! Yesterday I spent with Sarah doing the Hudson Christmas Tour of Homes. An annual day out and fun!

We also managed to sneak in a nice visit to the Children’s Museum earlier this month, and a snow storm! Oh, and Charlie started crawling last Tuesday!! TOtally changed our world. He is into EVERYTHING!! So different than Maria! Also started to pull himself up on to things and is also taking some face plants due to trying some stunts!

Today we were at home this morning due to crazy icy-ness outside. Maria was totally bummed to miss Sunday School. I did get out to Target this afternoon to get the stuff I need for Thanksgiving. I left when the Packers were up 24-3. Decided to let Chad sulk on his own. And I really wanted to get my shopping done to avoid the stores the rest of the week! Tomorrow I am taking the day off. Carpets are getting cleaned and I was hoping to do some cleaning and shopping on my own, but now daycare is closed, so I am hanging out with the kiddos once again!

Here are some pictures from our month so far…

Park in November

Park in November

Sibling Fun

First Snow!

First Snow!