My own little “Marathon”

Yesterday, Maria was overtired from a fun day on Saturday with her cousins and Grandma.  She spent Sunday testing me. ALL. DAY. LONG.  Lots of dramatic crying and falling to the ground every time she didn’t like my husband’s or my response .. “Noooooo!”  At the end of the day, when she was finally in bed, Chad asked me “who do you think is more tired: you or the marathoners?”  I didn’t put in anywhere near the physical exertion they did (although carrying her out of church kicking and screaming was hard!), but my head was swimming all day. I think this might be motivation to try running one next year…  If for no other reason, I’d at least get a few hours by myself on a Sunday morning.

Run Run Run

I ran a 5K on Saturday as a part of I Love Burnsville week.

It was a beautiful day for a run. I ran with my friend Sara’s husband. It was the first time we had ever run together and I didn’t pace myself, just kept up with him.  Around mile 2, I had to stop and walk.  I was bummed, because I felt pretty good up to that point and I thought I was ready for this race.

So we walked for about 1/3 of a mile.  And then ran the rest, and still finished in around 31 minutes.  Then I didn’t feel bad. That was my pace when I ran my last 5K late last summer.  Next time though I’d like to run it straight through… and yes there will be a next time. I’m liking this running stuff.