Baby Shower Notes

So I don’t have any pictures of the mom-to-be!  Or of the festivities, well except this one from after the shower of Maria playing hard-to-get with Nolan, who is holding her hand so nicely!


I did have a lot of fun getting ready for the shower, because I made the invitations and decorations.. Plus just planning in general!

Here’s a (bad) photo of the invitation cover. it says “oh happy day, a baby is on the way”.


I also made some fabric buntings based on a tutorial I found through Sew Mama Sew’s November Projects, that came from The only thing I did differently, was make the flags two sided, by just stitching 2 triangles together with a zigzag stitch on the edges. Then the one over the kitchen island, I inserted a dowel in the binding and suspended it from the can lights. I made 3 in all. Probably took me about an hour with ironing the fabric, cutting, and stitching… not bad. And now I have decorations for Maria’s birthday in another 6 months!

shower-020-small.jpg  shower-005-small.jpg

I also made this paper banner. I cut the circles with my circle cutter, then printed outlines of the letters on to individual 6″x6″ sheets from my MatStacks pad and cut them out… (would have been easier with a Cricut!!) Then threaded them on a ribbon.


We also played games… The clothespin game where if you say the word Baby, then someone steals your clothespin. The person with the most wins a prize. (we had a tie…) And we also played The Price Is Right with baby items (which Sarah got to keep). We made up 4 different groups of items and had people total them. Closest without going over won a prize!

As for favors,  I found a recipe that used a jar of baby food squash, so here is how they turned out (plus I tried the recipe and it was good!)


For a gift, I made Sarah a scrapbook. There was a calendar for each month of baby’s first year: (Jan 2008 – Jan 2009), along with some fun things to fill in each month (what baby likes, how baby sleeps, eats, etc).  Then I left a page blank for each month for pictures. I also gave her a 12″x12″ frame, so she could put the calendar part on the wall, and use it to mark down day-to-day things.  I have a calendar in Maria’s room and it’s so easy to mark simple fun things, like Grandma babysat, or went to visit my cousins, etc…  It was very cute, felt kind of bad, because I made Sarah’s baby a scrapbook, before I made my baby one. But I have plans to work on a birthday and a Christmas scrapbook for Maria now too!

Anyway, it was all fun… I hope everyone had a good time, because I enjoyed planning it!