Friday Change of Plans

Yesterday my plans for Friday were:

  • Get up clean, including shampooing the carpet in the hallway and Maria’s new room.
  • Go out to lunch with Chad
  • Consign some more stuff
  • Do some shopping
  • Nap and/or watch Thursday night TV
  • Pick Up Maria from daycare
  • Eat dinner as a family
  • Watch some TV or read

Instead I:

  • Vacuumed and shampooed the carpets in the hallway and Maria’s new room
  • Picked up Maria at daycare (early)
  • Made a doctor appt for her 2 goopy eyes
  • Ate lunch (Chad got takeout for us all)
  • Put Maria down for a nap
  • Laid down for a nap, but was interrupted by the doorbell
  • Arranged the flowers that were delivered!! (Thanks, Karin!)
  • Took Maria to the doctor
  • Went to Target to fill Maria’s prescription
  • Bought Maria her first Starbuck’s beverage! (hot chocolate)
  • Went to the mall with an overtired 2 year old
  • Came home, gave 2 year old an ice cream cone for dinner, because I knew she was too tired to sit still for anything that wasn’t a “treat”
  • Somehow managed to corral her into bed
  • Went back up to her room after 5 minutes to assure her that there were no GORILLAS(!) in the house.
  • Made a mental note, not to read Good Night Gorilla to her for awhile!

Don’t get me wrong it was a good day! Just wish it didn’t involve a trip to the doctor or the pharmacy!

Much Better Now

So forget a weekend post, I had a bug this weekend.

Not sure what it was. I was tired and coughing all day Friday. I took over 3 hours of naps and was still tired.

Saturday I felt much better, got up made pancakes, took a shower and then felt tired and horrible. Took my temperature and it was 99.5 Nothing super high, but the doctor decided it was high enough along with my cough and general ache-iness to put me on Tamiflu.

So Saturday and Sunday I spent staying away from Maria. She was good for the most part, but definitely wanted Mommy to be happy again. Chad was a trooper and took over. It helped that Maria got all her favorite foods: mac’n’cheese, pizza, and noodles (Spaghetti-Os) Poor Chad realized at dinner why I never seem to sit down and just eat. Maria has a lot of demands! 🙂 milk, then water. Mac’n’cheese, until she sees Daddy is eating pizza, so then she wants pizza. He gets up and gets it for her, and then she proceeds to eat her mac’n’cheese… welcome to my world!

I stayed home on Monday just did a little work from home. Tuesday was a little more work from home. Half of my team is sick and I had no meetings so thought I’d avoid the bus and elevators. Today I was back to a hacking/coughing floor. Yuk! It’s definitely flu season… 😦

Goopy Eye

Maria woke up in the middle of the night coughing and stuffed up. This morning around 11:15, I noticed her eye was goopy. Of course our pediatrician’s office closed at noon! When I talked to the nurse she seemed to think I should try to wait it out. But it was just goopier by 1, so we went to Urgent Care. It’s a different clinic than our normal pediatrician, but it was a good experience and we got eye drops. And she’ll have been on the meds for 24 hours before her party, so she shouldn’t be contagious any more by then!

We did have to miss the family get together at my brother’s. My aunt is in town from Chicago for the party, but we don’t want to spread the germs. And now I won’t be up too late working on the Elmo cake!

Catching Up

I don’t think I can really catch you all up. I don’t know exactly why I’m slacking with my blog. Just a lot going on.  Last Wednesday night, Maria was a bit extra clingy and not really hungry. We weren’t exactly sure why, until she threw up all over me around 6 pm.  She threw up again around 9 in her crib, but slept through the night after we cleaned everything up.

She was pretty fine the next day, but of course we kept her home from daycare.  I did take her out in the afternoon for a haircut that day  (a good trim into a short little bob and she is quite the little girl and not so much baby).

Chad and I thought we were safe until Monday night when Chad’s stomach started doing the knotting up thing.  And me? I’m still wondering if I’m going to get it!

So mostly trying to stay healthy and keeping up with stuff at work! Looking forward to some spring weather… soon, please!

Crazy Week

It has been a crazy week.  Not only did we have a crazy snow storm last Monday, we then suffered through several days of crazy cold weather (minus 20-something degrees PLUS wind chills!)  Oh, and Maria got sick.  We think it was just a cold. She was just not sleeping and running a fever. Then her nose turned into a fountain of snot. So she’s not sleeping or eating real well. yea, fun stuff!

I was home with her last Wednesday, and up with her several times each night. When Friday arrived, even though I had planned on working, I stayed home. Did some shopping (Ann Taylor Loft and New York & Co had some crazy deals!), watched some TV, and napped!  Friday night, Chad stayed home with Maria and I went to book club.  We didn’t really talk about the book, but the 5 of us who showed up had fun catching up! Hopefully we can get book club back on track with regular meetings, although I don’t think that’ll be easy!

Saturday was a big day!  We were up early and out the door to see Elmo’s Green Thumb!  We weren’t sure Maria was really old enough to get it or enjoy it, but we finally decided to try a couple weeks ago. We had pretty good seats and when it started she was loving it! She was pointing and clapping and dancing and saying all the different characters in it.  By the end of the first half, we knew she was ready for a break.  I think neither of us wanted to admit we wouldn’t make it through the 2nd half. We bought some mini-donuts and walked around and got back to our seats after the lights were out already.

We didn’t even make it through the first song of the 2nd half.  Maria was trying to step in between 2 seats in front of us, and didn’t realize it was a step. And boom – she fell. Scratched her face by her eye, and we were done. As I carried her out though, she waved and said “bye bye Abby” who was performing on stage!  She was done and had no interest in watching from different seats, so we got back to the car and came straight home, where she didn’t take a long enough nap!

Last night, Chad’s parents babysat while we went to my company’s winter outing – bowling. It was a lot of fun and we both had a good time, but by the end of it, my throat was sore and I knew Maria had successfully given me her cold!

So now I write this with my box of Sucrets nearby, and thinking I’ll be in bed by 8… and hopefully feeling better tomorrow!

Christmas Bug?

Yep, another one. We’ve been going through diapers like crazy the last couple days. I will let you use your imagination.  We were thinking it was probably a little residual from the bug last week, but now we’re not sure. Today daycare called and she was running a fever, so we’re heading to the doctor tonight.  😦

It took out all 3 of us

Turns out my weekend update has been drawn out more into an update for the week!

ThursdayMaria got sick

Friday – Maria and I ran some errands and laid low. We headed to the MOA, where she wanted “Teddy On“, so she could walk. I know people say they would never put their kid on a harness, but seriously, would you rather see a kid running through the mall with a teddy bear strapped to her back, or one screaming in her stroller to get down.

Saturday – We went to see Santa (at the Nissan dealer). Maria sat in his lap (with me close by) and then proceeded to play in their toy area with a bunch of dirty toys while Chad appeased a salesman by talking about Nissans that he would never buy.

I also ran around on Saturday trying to find a toy that Grandma wanted to get for Maria. I finally found it, but it made me happy that I was done with my shopping! Saturday evening while I was getting ready to go to the annual Fluegel Christmas party, Chad complained about his stomach feeling “knotted up”. I left the party early when he called to say he was sick.

Sunday – Chad was recovering and Maria and I hung out. We did some grocery shopping, decorated the tree, and watched the Packers lose in the final minutes of the game.

Monday – Maria was back to daycare. I went back to work. Chad stayed home to recover some more.

Tuesday – Early A.M. Maria woke up and I got her a little snack (since we cut off her evening bottles when she got the bug, I am learning to feed her closer to bedtime, but didn’t do very well on Monday). I went back to bed, but shortly after, my stomach got “knotty”. Around 4 a.m. I was hanging out on the bathroom floor. Shortly after 6 a.m. the phone rang, the bug had attacked daycare and daycare was closed. We were all home yesterday. Chad was hanging out with Maria, while I hid out in the bedroom so I could relax without her knowing I was home. When I did come out, she seemed to get that I wasn’t feeling well and played very well by herself.

Some pictures from the last couple days:

Putting on her own coat. Ready to see Santa!

Surprisingly, she didn’t hesitate to sit on Santa’s lap (of course, I was right there)

Lately, she’s taking to walking around with this bucket on her head. Shhhh…. Maria hide!

Maria with her Santa Bears

She has also become obsessed with getting her swimsuit out of the drawer and putting it on… her head!

Two Down, One to Go?

Not if I can help it! The bug got Maria on Thursday and Chad last night, but I am trying my hardest to stay clear! Washing my hands every 5 minutes!  It was a busy weekend with the bug in the house, but I did manage to get the tree decorated – even though Maria was walking behind me pulling down what I had just put up!

I’ll try to post some pictures and recap better tomorrow!

The Bug Finally Caught Us

We knew it was only a matter of time. And after reading Kelly’s misfortune yesterday, I realized I had never thought Maria might throw up in her crib and never cry. But when I heard her coughing this morning, I thought I was just over-reacting, because Aiden’s story was just stuck in my head! But nope, it wasn’t. Chad called me at work around 8:30 a.m. He had gone in to wake her up and she was asleep in her crib which also had puke in it! Poor girl!

She was in pretty good spirits today, but did throw up twice more. I did get more cuddle time in than normal, and she got more Elmo time than normal.

Right now, she is back in bed for the night (fingers crossed) with only applesauce, graham crackers, and water in her tummy. She was hungry and eyeing up our dinner, and I couldn’t deny her a not-so-empty tummy. Hopefully it stays in the tummy. Although I know from my nephew Luke’s and co-worker’s son’s experiences that there is another progression to this bug, so we’re just anticipating the diapers next… yikes!

Send us some healthy thoughts, we’ve been washing our hands all day, so hopefully the bug doesn’t get Chad or I.

Oh, but yeah, the back-up lovey totally paid for itself today!

On The Mend

Maria was a bit tired on Sunday (2 naps) and had a slight runny nose, but we were still plenty freaked out when she woke up at 9:30 pm on Sunday wheezing and freaked out because she couldn’t catch her breath.

We finally got her to calm down and her breathing back on track, but we still headed straight to the ER with her.

Luckily it apparently isn’t crazy flu season, and the ER wasn’t as busy as we’ve seen it in the past.  Of course her symptoms had subsided by the time we got there.  Our doctor though didn’t take our concerns lightly, and gave the diagnosis of mild croup. So one dose of oral steroids and a grape popsicle, 90 minutes later and we were on our way home!

Of course, she was knocked out of day care for 2 days, and tomorrow morning we have a follow up with our pediatrician, but so far it is looking like we will be back to our “normal” routine by noon tomorrow!