House Arrest

So I can’t even go into all my excuses for ignoring this poor blog lately. But today I have three!

1. Hand-Foot-Mouth (Charlie)
2. Stomach Flu (Chad)
3. Chicken Pox (Maria)

Going to check my supply of Clorox wipes and Purell!!!

Couldn’t Have Planned It Better

So as our week started, we were prepared for some juggling since our daycare was closed.  Grandpa & Grandma were lined up to take the first couple days and then we had Thursday with a friend, and I was going to take a couple days off and had play dates scheduled.

Monday went as planned until we got home and realized that Maria had a fever (102.4!!)  A fairly quick visit to Urgent Care revealed sores in her mouth.  The Hand-Foot-Mouth virus Again!! but only in her mouth!  Luckily the virus did not scare Grandpa & Grandma off, so they stuck around through Tuesday to help.  But we weren’t ready to expose our friends, so we switched around our schedules a little so Chad stayed home today and I was home Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday was good. Maria’s fever was definitely better and was gone by evening. We ran a couple easy errands. Both kids were good and napped. Nice day!

Thursday Maria was feeling better and not sure if that was a good thing!  She was definitely 3!  Before 7 am, she lost her TV and Candyland privileges.  These are big things to her and unfortunately maybe contributed to just more naughtiness throughout the day.  She did settle down in the morning with the promise of an picnic lunch & concert at our nearby wading pool/park!  But immediately started screaming when I announced it was time to leave (even though I warned her with 5, 3, 2 & 1 minutes left)  She finally napped late afternoon and was pretty good the rest of the day.  But it was tough.  Reminder that I don’t think I’m cut out to stay at home!

We also visited 2 preschools on Thursday (rescheduled from Friday)  We want to give her some structured learning activities since she seems to really really want to learn.  Both schools were good and very comparable in cost, but Maria definitely talks about one more than the other, and we think if all things are even her opinion should definitely count in this issue!

Not much else going on… Our summer is going by sooo fast. I’m hoping to have some time off the end of August.  More on that later! 🙂  I know the suspense is killing you!!

Sick Time

Last week I told a co-worker that we had all been pretty healthy this winter (with only 2 exceptions this year).  I totally jinxed it!

On Wednesday evening, Maria started exhibiting some symptoms!  Argh… but not knowing if it was a one time, ate something that disagreed with her or more, I sent her to daycare on Thursday. When I picked her up, I was informed symptoms had continued, as they did through the evening.

Friday morning (3 a.m.) I heard a whole lot of coughing/hacking followed by “MOM!”.  Poor girl had thrown up all over her bed. And was pretty freaked out about the whole thing.  Doubt she ever remembers throwing up. So after finishing that episode and getting her all cleaned up and her bed all cleaned up and starting laundry it was 4 a.m.  Luckily Maria was begging to go back to bed and luckily we have an extra lovey, so she went right back down. Fun stuff.

Saturday she was still tired, but wanted to go to the mall when we brought it up. She stayed in her stroller more than normal, but was happy to be out.

Sunday, she didn’t want to get out of bed. We decided to take her to Urgent Care, where they determined it wasn’t serious and we should just continue to monitor her.  She spent much of the day in the recliner with me.  I don’t think I’ve gotten that much cuddle time since I was on maternity leave with her!

Today, Chad is home with her, and she got herself out of bed this morning. A good sign, although she still didn’t fight naptime.

and YES, when I said she got herself out of bed, she figured out Friday morning (when I didn’t shut her bedroom door) that she didn’t need to wait for us to get out of bed in the morning or after naps!  We still have the upperhand a little, because she still has difficulty opening her door from inside by herself.  Although she just knocks and yells “Is it wake-up time?”

Friday Change of Plans

Yesterday my plans for Friday were:

  • Get up clean, including shampooing the carpet in the hallway and Maria’s new room.
  • Go out to lunch with Chad
  • Consign some more stuff
  • Do some shopping
  • Nap and/or watch Thursday night TV
  • Pick Up Maria from daycare
  • Eat dinner as a family
  • Watch some TV or read

Instead I:

  • Vacuumed and shampooed the carpets in the hallway and Maria’s new room
  • Picked up Maria at daycare (early)
  • Made a doctor appt for her 2 goopy eyes
  • Ate lunch (Chad got takeout for us all)
  • Put Maria down for a nap
  • Laid down for a nap, but was interrupted by the doorbell
  • Arranged the flowers that were delivered!! (Thanks, Karin!)
  • Took Maria to the doctor
  • Went to Target to fill Maria’s prescription
  • Bought Maria her first Starbuck’s beverage! (hot chocolate)
  • Went to the mall with an overtired 2 year old
  • Came home, gave 2 year old an ice cream cone for dinner, because I knew she was too tired to sit still for anything that wasn’t a “treat”
  • Somehow managed to corral her into bed
  • Went back up to her room after 5 minutes to assure her that there were no GORILLAS(!) in the house.
  • Made a mental note, not to read Good Night Gorilla to her for awhile!

Don’t get me wrong it was a good day! Just wish it didn’t involve a trip to the doctor or the pharmacy!

Much Better Now

So forget a weekend post, I had a bug this weekend.

Not sure what it was. I was tired and coughing all day Friday. I took over 3 hours of naps and was still tired.

Saturday I felt much better, got up made pancakes, took a shower and then felt tired and horrible. Took my temperature and it was 99.5 Nothing super high, but the doctor decided it was high enough along with my cough and general ache-iness to put me on Tamiflu.

So Saturday and Sunday I spent staying away from Maria. She was good for the most part, but definitely wanted Mommy to be happy again. Chad was a trooper and took over. It helped that Maria got all her favorite foods: mac’n’cheese, pizza, and noodles (Spaghetti-Os) Poor Chad realized at dinner why I never seem to sit down and just eat. Maria has a lot of demands! 🙂 milk, then water. Mac’n’cheese, until she sees Daddy is eating pizza, so then she wants pizza. He gets up and gets it for her, and then she proceeds to eat her mac’n’cheese… welcome to my world!

I stayed home on Monday just did a little work from home. Tuesday was a little more work from home. Half of my team is sick and I had no meetings so thought I’d avoid the bus and elevators. Today I was back to a hacking/coughing floor. Yuk! It’s definitely flu season… 😦

Goopy Eye

Maria woke up in the middle of the night coughing and stuffed up. This morning around 11:15, I noticed her eye was goopy. Of course our pediatrician’s office closed at noon! When I talked to the nurse she seemed to think I should try to wait it out. But it was just goopier by 1, so we went to Urgent Care. It’s a different clinic than our normal pediatrician, but it was a good experience and we got eye drops. And she’ll have been on the meds for 24 hours before her party, so she shouldn’t be contagious any more by then!

We did have to miss the family get together at my brother’s. My aunt is in town from Chicago for the party, but we don’t want to spread the germs. And now I won’t be up too late working on the Elmo cake!

Catching Up

I don’t think I can really catch you all up. I don’t know exactly why I’m slacking with my blog. Just a lot going on.  Last Wednesday night, Maria was a bit extra clingy and not really hungry. We weren’t exactly sure why, until she threw up all over me around 6 pm.  She threw up again around 9 in her crib, but slept through the night after we cleaned everything up.

She was pretty fine the next day, but of course we kept her home from daycare.  I did take her out in the afternoon for a haircut that day  (a good trim into a short little bob and she is quite the little girl and not so much baby).

Chad and I thought we were safe until Monday night when Chad’s stomach started doing the knotting up thing.  And me? I’m still wondering if I’m going to get it!

So mostly trying to stay healthy and keeping up with stuff at work! Looking forward to some spring weather… soon, please!