Geeky at the Core

So those of you who don’t know me as well, I’m a geek.  Or maybe that is evident. I think having a blog is a pretty good indicator (No offense, fellow bloggers — just an indicator. I don’t want to stereotype). 

So if you’ve got a bit of the geek factor (especially you ladies), you may (or may not) appreciate my geeky-discoveries… and possibly answer my question?

  • A new blog: GeekSugar – where “geek is chic”
  • Google Docs — which is probably old news, but I’ve just discovered their forms within their spreadsheets…  Collecting information from different people, set up a spreadsheet with a form that can be emailed to your “users” and have them submit the form to populate your spreadsheet… I know geeky, but it’s cool to be able to share documents without being confined to one PC or network! 

Question:  Anyone have information (pros vs. cons) about using Picasa to share photos?  I’d just sign up and try it if it didn’t involve downloading software…  Anyone? Anyone??  Or should I just upgrade my flickr account?

I feel Old

SheLikesPurple made me feel old today writing about the technology from her college days.

I registered for classes by standing in line at the registrar’s window for an hour! If you couldn’t get one of your classes, you had to have an alternate ready or get back in line while you figured it out.

My freshman year if you had to write a paper, you were lucky if you had a word-processor (like this one) or a roommate with one! Else you went to the computer lab where you struggled with all of Word Perfect‘s (5.1) key stroke commands.

I was the first of any one I knew (besides my mom) who had a computer that was a tower!  It had Windows 3.1, a 1 GB hard drive (yes that’s 1 GIG!), and a CD ROM. It also had a modem, so I could dial in to the campus system and check my email. It was fancy! And I even had a color inkjet printer.

Only Computer Science majors used email my first couple years of college. (I was one of them) I did email without a Windows Application. I think it was done by connecting to a big machine called a VAX machine!

My senior year of college, Sarah and I borrowed a cell phone from someone she knew (or maybe it was his brother or something) for driving to Florida for Spring Break. (no one we knew well had a phone!) It was huge and had an antenna that attached to the roof of the car and it cost about $50 for about 10 – 1 minute calls on the trip down!

I’m 34. Seriously!  I’m sure someone else can top all these!

The Big Upgrade

No, not my blog. Our home PC! Yes, we did it. Last year (2006) our Christmas present to ourselves was a video camera in April (2007)!  This year (Christmas 2007) we got a computer in January (2008).

It looks sweet! Chad has it all set up. I have only touched the keyboard briefly and only to keep Maria from pushing every button! Busy busy, because she’s been sick.

My question to all of you out there is photo editing software!  Yes, I am upgrading from the Olympus stuff that came with our first digital camera, because we’re finally going to have enough memory to handle something new!

We received Pinnacle as a Christmas gift for our video editing (because we stopped using the video camera, because we couldn’t edit it!)  But I’ve never known anyone that’s used it for photos? (As I type, I realize I never asked my brother!).  But I’ve heard lots of good things about Photoshop, so wondering if we should get that, and Amazon has it on sale right now, plus a rebate, so need to act quickly!

Advice? Suggestions?