Turkey Review

Well yesterday was jam packed with preparations and festivities, and I wrecked my streak of posting every day of November! Oh well.

The day started off with cleaning, but I did find some time to scan in some pictures and get some other pictures loaded on our digital picture frame for the day which was fun!

After cleaning, I got the turkey in the oven, sweet potatoes in the crockpot, the potatoes cooked and mashed (with help from Chad) and in the crockpot, and the green bean casserole ready for the oven! My parents arrived while I was still prepping, which was a nice distraction for Maria!

Chad’s parents and his brother’s family also joined us. So we had 11 people in all, although 2 under the age of 2. It was a great afternoon/evening! Everything was delicious and the time with family was great! The kids had a great time. Yesterday it was hard to believe that Maria can be so clingy to me!

Unfortunately dessert was followed shortly by Luke (my 22 month old nephew) throwing up! He threw up again this morning, so it’s starting to look like a bug and not just something he ate. We’re a little nervous, because Maria and Luke were playing all day, including Maria pinning him down under the table! So far, no signs though of her (or any of us others) being sick! I hope your Thanksgiving was as blessed as ours!

Maria wearing one of Mommy’s aprons and her necklace

Our family


Maria taking a break from drumming on her drum

Thanksgiving Preparations

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year! A smaller crowd than 2 years ago, but still about 12 people.  Today I plan on starting some of the shopping, so I’m thinking about the menu.  Of course, my guests (parents & in-laws) are all helping, but I’m doing the core.  It’s kind of stressful, but I love it. And I get to use my new cookbook (a birthday gift): America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook

So here’s my menu:

oh.. and the day after my mom and I are making Lefse!!!

and the day after that, is Chad’s birthday and I have to make Banana Cream Supreme!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Left my camera at Chad’s parents house… sooo no pictures to post!

Weekend in a Nutshell –

  • Thursday – we traveled to Hutchinson to my Aunt Susie’s house for Thanksgiving.  Maria was the only baby, so she got some good attention.  Fun to see my aunts and uncles and cousins that were there.
  • Friday – Maria had her 6 month pictures taken and we also had a couple family shots done. Ordered her pictures and our Christmas cards.  Not the cheapest way to do photo cards, but I’m done! Also headed out around 4 to do a little shopping.  Crowds weren’t bad by then.  And after Maria went to bed I made a Pecan Pie.
  • Saturday A.M. – Up early went out and did a little more shopping. Michael’s and Barnes & Noble. Got some ideas at Barnes & Noble, and then came home and bought for more than $10 less at buy.com!  Also did some shopping at etsy.com!  yeah!!
  • Saturday P.M. – Went to Chad’s parents for Thanksgiving there. We were originally going to spend Thursday there, but then we decided we’d give them a few extra days to recover from their flu last week!  It was fun to have the whole family together which has grown by 2 since last year.
  • Sunday – We volunteered for the nursery at church. Then Maria and I ran some errands and then stopped by my brother’s house.  She then came home and crashed! We switched to a convertible carseat yesterday, so she doesn’t have the carrier to sleep in when we’re out and about.  I then came home and finished a bag that I started sewing the other day.  It’s part of my “going green”… a canvas grocery bag.

That’s it… hope that nutshell wasn’t too big!  🙂

Thankful For

Hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving!

I’ve always had a lot to be thankful for, but this year just seems so sweet. I’m thankful for…

  • my Beautiful Baby Girl who can lift my spirits with a smile and now when she reaches for me.
  • my Wonderful Husband who is so much fun to watch with Beautiful Daughter and is so supportive of my hobbies, interests, values, and goals
  • my Fantastic Friends who listen to me and encourage me in my endeavors and life in general
  • my Supportive Family who are always there when I need them… (this includes my in-laws!)
  • my Company and Job which allow me to have many things that I want (beyond my needs, $$), but who also understand my work/life balance. (Plus they sent me a great birthday present!)

Mostly I am just thankful for all the blessings in my life. Even with all the tests I have endured recently and throughout my life, they all remind me of how much I am blessed.