My poor blog has been ignored!

The first half of this month has flown by! And I wasn’t “here” to post about our fun Fourth of July picnic/party. Or how Charlie went through a fussy stage. Or how he had some oatmeal, but not really enjoying it. Or Charlie rolling over. Missed writing about the few days we spent at Luther Park (although that was just a few days ago). Or how Maria is now going to big kid swimming lessons (without me or Chad in the pool!). Or about how my back started hurting and now I’m also sneaking chiropractor appointments into my busy schedule. And even worse, I haven’t had a chance to take many pictures, even though I take my camera everywhere…

A few videos of Charlie (unedited – because our editing software isn’t compatible with the iphone movie format) and a few pictures for you now… hope to be back sooner rather than later.

First Bites

Swimming on the 4th - 2010

Grandpa & Charlie

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Maria Meets Maggie

Well, Kind of. Maria hasn’t actually met Maggie in person – that would actually be strange, since I haven’t met Maggie’s mom in person, and only know Jen through her blog!  But Maria was in the room when I watched this video of Maggie the other day, and now asks for Maggie when she discovers me on the computer! Elmo may have a rival!!

Here is some video of Maria watching Maggie (I suggest watching Maggie’s video first, to fully appreciate the context!)

Maria Meets Maggie on Vimeo.

Children’s Museum

Daycare was closed on Thursday, so Maria and I met Lilah and Sarah at the Children’s Museum. We spent most of our time in the Toddler room, so that Maria and Lilah could both roam.

Here are some pictures and a video of Maria going on the slide! She loved it and picked up her feet, so she just flew right down!

Wheee! Slide on Vimeo.

Celebrating 35

I had no plans a week ago, but my birthday weekend has been great!!!

– Last night met up with the girls (Sarah, Lisa, & Nicole) for dinner and shopping.

– This morning, Chad, Maria & I headed back to the Mall to go to Underwater Adventures and buy some shoes for Daddy.

– This afternoon/evening we had both families over (8 adults, 5 kids + the 3 of us) for pizza and cake!

A highlight of the day was that Chad got me a musical card and Maria took right to it, so afterwards we got out Monsters of Rock… Maria has her Mommy’s taste in music!! 🙂

The Final Countdown from Jane on Vimeo.