Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma!

Maria sang some songs for her Grandma who wasn’t able to come up and visit today, because she has a bad cold! But we’re excited to see her next weekend for Maria’s birthday!!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!! We love you!!

Maria Meets Maggie

Well, Kind of. Maria hasn’t actually met Maggie in person – that would actually be strange, since I haven’t met Maggie’s mom in person, and only know Jen through her blog!  But Maria was in the room when I watched this video of Maggie the other day, and now asks for Maggie when she discovers me on the computer! Elmo may have a rival!!

Here is some video of Maria watching Maggie (I suggest watching Maggie’s video first, to fully appreciate the context!)

Maria Meets Maggie on Vimeo.

Children’s Museum

Daycare was closed on Thursday, so Maria and I met Lilah and Sarah at the Children’s Museum. We spent most of our time in the Toddler room, so that Maria and Lilah could both roam.

Here are some pictures and a video of Maria going on the slide! She loved it and picked up her feet, so she just flew right down!


Wheee! Slide on Vimeo.

Celebrating 35

I had no plans a week ago, but my birthday weekend has been great!!!

– Last night met up with the girls (Sarah, Lisa, & Nicole) for dinner and shopping.

– This morning, Chad, Maria & I headed back to the Mall to go to Underwater Adventures and buy some shoes for Daddy.

– This afternoon/evening we had both families over (8 adults, 5 kids + the 3 of us) for pizza and cake!

A highlight of the day was that Chad got me a musical card and Maria took right to it, so afterwards we got out Monsters of Rock… Maria has her Mommy’s taste in music!! 🙂

The Final Countdown from Jane on Vimeo.

Maria Loves Disco

This afternoon we met Sarah and Lilah and some of their friends out for an afternoon of dance party fun!  It was a ton of fun to get out and get our groove on! It was great to get out of the house on the dreary day and have a place where Maria could roam.  We knew it was time to go when she was laying down on the floor and sucking her thumb though!

Of course she didn’t like to groove when the camera was rolling, but here are some snip-its.  And a cute picture!

Maria Loves Disco from Jane on Vimeo.

Outside Fun

Maria probably didn’t know what to expect today when she woke up from her nap, and I greeted her in my swimsuit! Although I didn’t figure we’d be outside for almost 2 hours either! But it was a fun afternoon to be outdoors! Especially since we had the pool and sprinkler to keep us cool!  Maria LOVED the sprinkler. Although falling down in the spray of water was a little too much for her. But she was a trooper and after I helped her up each time she went right back for more!

Playing In The Sprinkler hosted on Vimeo.

Back on Her Feet

Maria has been feeling much better the last couple days! It started with eating lunch yesterday, then a 2 hour nap. She then slept almost 14 hours last night, and 3 hours this afternoon.

You can see in this video that she is literally back on her feet!

Maria Dances hosted on Vimeo.

Plus some pictures from some fun things this weekend. You’ll notice she has figured out how to crawl up on the fireplace ledge.  She loves to just sit there. Today she sat there and would scream at me, so I’d come into the room. She’d smile and wave. When I left, she was quiet for a few minutes before squawking again.  Again when I went in there she’d just smile and wave. Someone likes attention!



Maria’s Great Speech

Maria’s vocabulary is starting to exceed “Ba” and “baba” and even “el-blo”.

Yesterday, I was able to observe a couple minutes of her speaking to the backyard. I then picked up the camera, and she continued. Later, Part 2 was delivered at the back door. Today she continued, but wouldn’t perform with the camera.

Every time she is very impassioned. Her hand gestures drive home the point.  She will not back down and is adamant in what she is saying.  Unfortunately we don’t know the basis or message.  But here are parts 1 & 2 of Maria’s great speech.

Oh, and she loves watching this back. She usually talks back to the video. If only we had a translator. The video isn’t the highest quality, but the sound is what is key here…

Maria’s Great Speechhosted on Vimeo.