Garage Sales, Yard Work, Friends and an Old KFC


Saturday, Maria and I were up early and hit some garage sales. We found some great deals! Mostly on toys and found the discontinued Fisher Price Little People House that I wanted to buy for Maria!

After the garage sales, I headed to pick up some coffee for Chad. I ran into an old friend/co-worker who I hadn’t seen for a while. She and her husband and baby daughter just live a couple miles from us. I dropped off Chad’s coffee and then headed to my Weight Watchers meeting and ran into the same friend there! Apparently we were supposed to see each other on Saturday!

Saturday afternoon, the Peterson’s who were in town from Portland came over to meet Maria. We then met up with them for dinner with some other friends too. We went to La Chaya Bistro in Minneapolis. Interesting restaurant that has recently been transformed from a KFC!

Today, I worked in the yard. I cleaned out a lot of landscaping and spread mulch in several areas. It was a hot day and I think I may have come away with a slight sunburn… oh well… This evening Maria and I headed to the park while Chad mowed the lawn. She was pretty popular with the other kids, who all wanted to hug her. She also sported her Twins outfit for the first time this year and we like to think it spurred them on to beat the Yankees this afternoon!

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend… but ask us what we did… doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but Maria kept us busy!

On Saturday, Chad got up early for a round of golf with his dad. Maria and I went up to see Grandma!  By the time we got through the drive-thru for my morning latte, we were running later than I planned and by the time we got to Grandma’s, Maria was almost ready for a nap. So she had a mid-morning snack, and then played with Grandma before going down for a nap.  Grandma told me to run some errands. So I did!  Maria was just getting up when I got back so she had some lunch, and then played with Grandpa who was just getting home from golf.  We got home early afternoon and spent the rest of the day at home. Chad spend the afternoon re-imaging our old computer to get ready to pass it on to his parents.

Sunday, Maria and I were up early and headed to Target. We were in quest of a Wii Fit, but of course they were sold out by the time we got there.  We didn’t know until 8:30 that they were featured in the flyer this week.   We did get some groceries and then picked up some coffee for Chad to help lure him out of bed when we got home!  Again we spent the day at home. Chad cleaned out the garage too. It was a much bigger job than either of us anticipated! I also ran to Once Upon a Child to just see what they had.  They had a lot of winter clothes and a lot of dirty and gross strollers. I bought one pair of shorts for Maria. I’m surprised at the shape some of the stuff they have is in.  And if I was trying to sell old baby stuff, I would think it would be worth my while to clean it up!

Today, I planted my flowers. Finally! One advantage to doing it this late in the season is that the flowers were on sale! I also went a little nuts with the Round-Up. Hopefully trying to tame some of the thistles in our dry creek bed and some crab grass in my rose bush. And if it kills the rose bush – I won’t be upset, because it doesn’t look very good with all the crab grass, which I can’t just pull without losing half the skin on my hand!

But yeah, doesn’t seem like a lot, but throw in a 1 year old, and wow. that’s a busy weekend! She is all about holding on to our fingers right now and walking. And if you stop, she lays down on the floor, rolls around, and cries.  Even if you stop and pick her up, she throws a fit. She is all about figuring out how to walk. She did stand up by herself a couple times this weekend.  She is definitely “talking” more and more too.   Fun fun! But definitely takes a lot of energy to keep up with her!

Catch Up

Hmmm… I should be in bed, but I haven’t blogged for days…

To get you caught up on life:

Friday: worked, did some quick shopping. Didn’t realize daycare needed an early pickup until they called, so felt guilty all evening thinking our daycare provider missed her only chance to see her son in a track meet this year.

Saturday: still felt guilty. Weighed in at Weight Watchers. Down 10.4 lbs! yeah!  My parents came up. My mom, Maria and I headed out to a very busy Mall of America to do some shopping.

Sunday: My first Mother’s Day. Maria woke up screaming at 3:30 am. I was up with her for an hour. Still don’t know what was wrong. I got up around 6:30 to go to the Race for the Cure with my mom. It was cold and windy and Maria was still asleep so we left her at home. This was a very good idea, as we were gone until well after noon.  She was going down for a nap when we got home.

Monday: Worked.

Tuesday: Worked. Watched American Idol – I am hoping David Archuleta will be the one to leave, but I think it will be Sayesha. I really only care about David Cook. I just find David Archuleta annoying.

Beautiful Day!

Today was a beautiful day and I got to spend a good part of it outdoors!

This morning while Chad and his brother golfed, Maria and I hung out with my sister-in-law and Maria’s cousins! We went to Teddy Bear park in Stillwater. It was a beautiful day, and the whole park is artificial turf, so Maria got to crawl all over the place. She especially loved all the tunnels!

After we all were home, Maria hung out with Chad while I went out to clean off the screened in porch and furniture. Well that turned into me cleaning out all the landscaping in the yard (except for the dry creekbed on the side of the garage).  It was a very productive afternoon, although I’m exhausted!

Tomorrow I’m home as daycare is closed. It’s supposed to be another beautiful day, so Maria and I are hopefully going to meet Sarah and Lilah at the zoo! Hopefully I’ll remember my camera!

Another Weekend and a Milestone!

On Friday morning, I went in to get Maria out of her crib, and found her standing up in it! She has finally figured out how to pull herself up to both feet on just about anything! Although getting down is not as easy for her, and she will often fuss for some help!

She also seems to be feeling much better! The 3 days of antibiotics seem to have gotten rid of the snotty nose that she’s had for about a month! Although now I think we may have gone a little backwards in our sleep routine. Since she wasn’t feeling well for so long and not sleeping real well, we’ve gotten in the habit of rocking her until she is almost fully asleep. I’m guessing today I spent about an hour and a half total rocking her for her naps and now tonight for sleep.

Karin was in town this weekend too. She and I met up at the MOA for some shopping on Friday. I got a suit and dress and Ann Taylor Loft. And some pants and shirts and NY & Company. All were good deals, so I like that! Oh, and some shoes at DSW! Good day!

Today, Karin, Tim, Heather, Travis, Colin, Finn, and Frenchy came over for brunch. I made egg bake and caramel rolls and fruit salad. Very good! All in all a nice weekend, except for the fact that I’m listening to screaming baby over the monitor right now… 😦


What a nice weekend!


  • I got up and got Maria ready and then dropped her off at daycare.
  • Then to Target for my big big shopping run for the month.
  • Quick stop at home to dropoff purchases.
  • Picked up Maria
  • Headed to the zoo. And wow! Metaphorically it was a complete zoo!
  • It was in the 60s and Sunny. Plus it was spring break for several of the large school districts in the area.
  • And then of course there is the baby farm animal exhibit.
  • We were inside and met up with Sara and Gracey, and headed over to see the baby animals.
  • We didn’t see much because it was so busy, but it was enough for Maria.
  • So much that she conked out in her stroller with her shades on and a treat in her hand!


  • I had lunch at the zoo, and bought her some books at the gift shop while she napped.
  • Then home again to play for a little while.
  • Then we also went to visit Daddy at his work.


  • Maria and I were up early again.
  • Went to Weight Watchers to weigh in. Maria came with.
  • I handed her off while I was weighed.  (Down 0.6 – nice!)
  • Then she didn’t want to come back.
  • At home again, a little later, Nicole, Sarah, and Carrie (plus Lilah and Curt) came over to do some freezer cooking.
  • I made Blondies, Chai Latte Cupcakes, and Enchiladas.
  • After everyone left, Maria and I went out to run some errands.
  • The hope was that she would get a quick nap in in the stroller, because sometimes she needs to be tricked!
  • It didn’t work. She just laid in the stroller and babbled, but also rested… more than if I had left her at home.
  • We then came home and got Chad, then went out for dinner!
  • Yes,  OUT for Dinner!
  • We haven’t done that since last summer!  I don’t know why? Maria was soooo good! She sat in her high chair and looked at the people sitting directly behind us.
  • We went to Champps, where it’s loud and ok for Maria to be loud. Plus there were TVs and burgers. Good time!  We will definitely be doing that again, before she wants to get out and walk!


  • Got up with Maria.  Earlier than I wanted to get up.
  • Made some muffins that were horrible. I took a bite of one and threw them all out!
  • Ate breakfast.
  • Chad got Maria down for a morning nap. (she must have still been tired from yesterday!)
  • After nap, we went to Chad’s parents house.
  • Maria got to play with Grandma and Grandpa while I went to the consignment store to pick up a check for my clothes.  over $85!
  • Maria went down for a nap at Grandma’s right when I got back.
  • After her nap, we played a little and then packed up and headed back home.



  • Now I’m here… gotta get to bed!