Sneaking Out

Separation Anxiety. Wow. It is almost suffocating at moments. The hardest is getting out of the house anytime without Maria. Even at 6 in the morning. I get ready in the downstairs bathroom. I don’t eat breakfast at home. And I literally creep so slowly by her bedroom door so she doesn’t hear my footsteps. But she usually catches me at least one day a week. And the first thing she says:

I don’t want you to go to work

Heartbreaking because why I work is tough to explain to her. And it is tough to explain that my commitment to work is not optional.

I am sure this is why bedtimes are tough right now. I just don’t know anything else but to reassure and remind her of the fun we have when we come home (and that when I pick her up she isn’t usually ready to leave). Unfortunately all the reassuring isn’t enough to get through the goodbye. Although I do know (thankfully) that after the goodbye she bounces back quickly. I can’t even imagine how I would deal with this if she was miserable all day.

A Very Busy Weekend

I was hoping to wait to post when I had pictures ready, but that will be tonight or tomorrow… possibly the next day. I have been a total slacker with the camera this month!

Friday, I headed to Luther Park around noon. I helped plan a Celebration for Sherm & Mary, the directors at camp who were “let go” after working there 30+ years. They were there when I was a wee little family camper (3 1/2) and were my bosses when I worked there in college. And this was their last summer. Friday it snowed! But it was a great weekend and we had a great turnout, even though it caused a little panic by the kitchen staff, because we had a lot of people who had not made reservations. But we stretched out the food like “fishes & loaves” and all ate plenty! It was a great time and got to catch up with lots of friends.

Saturday – Mid-afternoon, I went straight from camp to my brother’s house where I helped decorate Katelyn’s birthday cake. She turned 7 on Saturday, which is amazing, because I remember so much from when she was born as I was unemployed and spent a lot of time at their house. Hard to believe it was 7 years ago!

Sunday – Since I did not make it home in time to see Maria on Saturday night, I got a rousing “Mommy’s Home!” when I went in to get her on Sunday morning. She and I took a morning trip to Target. She has been sooo good lately when we take her shopping. And only seems to get a little pokey when we walk through the toy department! After Target, we watched football (Chad – Vikings and the RedZone Channel, me – Packers, Maria – Elmo’s World) and napped. After naps, we headed to Katelyn’s birthday party.

Busy Busy Weekend!! Stay tuned for pictures.

Much Better Now

So forget a weekend post, I had a bug this weekend.

Not sure what it was. I was tired and coughing all day Friday. I took over 3 hours of naps and was still tired.

Saturday I felt much better, got up made pancakes, took a shower and then felt tired and horrible. Took my temperature and it was 99.5 Nothing super high, but the doctor decided it was high enough along with my cough and general ache-iness to put me on Tamiflu.

So Saturday and Sunday I spent staying away from Maria. She was good for the most part, but definitely wanted Mommy to be happy again. Chad was a trooper and took over. It helped that Maria got all her favorite foods: mac’n’cheese, pizza, and noodles (Spaghetti-Os) Poor Chad realized at dinner why I never seem to sit down and just eat. Maria has a lot of demands! 🙂 milk, then water. Mac’n’cheese, until she sees Daddy is eating pizza, so then she wants pizza. He gets up and gets it for her, and then she proceeds to eat her mac’n’cheese… welcome to my world!

I stayed home on Monday just did a little work from home. Tuesday was a little more work from home. Half of my team is sick and I had no meetings so thought I’d avoid the bus and elevators. Today I was back to a hacking/coughing floor. Yuk! It’s definitely flu season… 😦